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You may be asking yourself; does my cat need a bed? The answer is, yes. Cats should have a quiet place where they feel safe to relax and unwind in. Plus, if you are tired of your cat hogging your bed or pillow, providing him with his very own spot may be just the answer you are seeking. However, not all beds are created equally, so you may have to do some trial-and-error before you find one that your cat loves. Luckily, there are plenty of styles for you to choose from. Check them out…
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On a cold winter night, most of us bundle up with a down comforter, turn the heat up or get the fire going. It can be uncomfortable to be cold. Well, the same goes for our pets. Their coat of fur or hair doesnt always keep them at the optimal temperature. And if they have a basic bed or blanket to sleep on, that can sometimes not be enough, especially for little dogs like terriers and toy dogs. Cats too. Thats why you need a heated bed for your special pet. K amp;H Pet Beds is the largest producer of heated pet products in the country. Their quality, innovation and wide selection are perfect for any pet owner, whether you have a dog, cat or wild and exotic bird. Your pets comfort is important. And when theyre happy, you can be happy too.

KH Pet beds come in a variety of sizes and shapes for your dog or cat. K and H Heated dog and cat beds give your pet the comfort they need during the cold winter months.

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If there's one thing every cat owner knows, it's that cats love window perches and heated beds. Have you ever wondered what features these items have that make them such popular cat accessories? Window perches and heated beds offer the following benefits for your cat:If your cat tries to sleep on your head or stove during the spring/fall/winter months like mine does...this is a good solution! Heated Cat Beds To Keep Kitty CozyHeated Cat Beds, Buy A Heated Cat Bed, or Cat Heating Pad For Indoor or Outdoor Cats this winter! Find out which are best and why Vets recommend them to ease aches and pains and even to boost your cat's immune system.Hilary from Vancouver created this pair of window perches for her two boys Hank (orange) and Truman (Tuxedo) and they seem to be a perfect fit! She used the trusty old IKEA Ekby Bjarnum brackets and Jarpen shelves mounted just below the window sill. To create cozy cushions that don’t slide off the shelves, Hilary smartly stitched some twill tape to the corners of two faux sheepskin cat beds and tied the beds to the shelves. Nice solution! And they can be easily removed for cleaning.These are blowing my mind! I saw them at SuperZoo and was really excited about them. These beds are made from soft but sturdy molded foam and they attach to any window with giant suction cups. There are so many great things about this design! First, it creates the perfect window perch for cats to watch what’s going on outside, plus they are easy to install and reposition without any hardware. I haven’t tried these myself yet, but I’ve had very good luck with the , the original window-mounted cat bed that attaches with similar suction cups.For those cats and small dogs who like the outdoor life, hammock beds are ideal. Pleasant fabrics and cushy designs create wonderful pet beds. Unlike window-style hammocks, traditional cat hammocks give pets a realistic hammock experience. No matter if you decide to go with a traditional cat hammock or window perch, modern cat furniture items bring more fun into your pets life.This bed is available in both a heated and an unheated style. The heated cat beds are a great choice for any cat who spends time outside each winter. It will give dog houses a run for their money!According to Mary James, co-founder of SurfPet, a company that sells a variety of indoor and outdoor cat products, “There are so many types of cat beds, including hooded beds, heated beds, window sill beds and orthopedic beds. And if yours is an outdoor cat, there are several very nice enclosed beds on the market that are designed for outdoor use.”