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He is being free-fed canned Wellness with some meals of the raw rabbit diet that I make for my own cats thrown into the mix. (See .) I either feed it raw or lightly cooked depending on his mood. I do this in order to increase the protein in the diet and decrease the fat. (Wellness is a good commercial food but it is lower in protein calories than I would like for a weight loss diet.)
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If the cause of weight loss is due to old age, it can be treated in most cases, if not completely cured. For cats with gastrointestinal conditions, appropriate changes may be made to the diet and also, an easily digested diet may be recommended. In some situations, reducing the stressful activities your cat is exposed to and also including appetite-stimulating foods may just be the key to getting your cat out of its anorexic state and on to a healthier weight. ›  ›  ›  ›  › Hills Prescription Diet Feline M/D Weight Loss Diabetic Cat Food Tins 24 x 156g›  ›  ›  ›  › Hills Prescription Diet Feline R/D Weight Loss / Low Calorie Cat FoodIn addition to caloric restriction, fiber-rich or protein-based diets can help promote weight loss in cats.
Increase the proportion of canned and raw foods in the cat’s daily diet. Feeding only canned or raw foods has been shown to help cats lose weight.* A ratio of 50% wet food to 50% dry also works well, but as little as 25% wet food can be beneficial for weight loss. Reducing or eliminating carbohydrates--a good idea for any carnivore, overweight or not--is absolutely essential for safe and lasting weight loss. That is why there is no way to safely reduce an obese cat's weight using a diet that contains any dry food. Ever. Dry food doesn't help a cat safely lose weight and never will.My cat is 25 pounds. We have been feeding him diet dry food for about a year or 2 now and no results. I think it is time to feed him canned food. What kind of canned food is the best for weight loss? How much a day should we feed him? I exercise him about 15-20 minutes a day before he gets tired. I have a laser pointer and he runs after it. So, what kind of canned food and how much?The number of overweight and obese cats has exceeded to that of normal weighted cats in recent years. According to veterinarians, extra pounds on your cat lead to various disorders such as diabetes, arthritis and hepatic lipidosis. Most obvious reason which we can figure out for obesity in cats is that cats spend much time indoors and get less time for exercise. A very specific weight loss plan is required to help your cat in losing weight. Several positive changes in lifestyle and diet will be effective in helping cat to return to its pre-obese shape. Here’s how you can help your cat in cutting down extra pounds and stay fit:As part of a weight management program, your veterinarian may recommend feeding a diet specifically formulated for weight loss, such as . The key to switching a cat’s food is to proceed slowly since some cats may stop eating if they’re suddenly confronted with different food.2.Select a weight loss program: Next task is to select a proper weight loss program. First comes diet, you have to feed your cat the food that is 20 % lower in calories than the foot you used to feed him earlier. Monitor the weight of your cat weekly after following the new diet. If the cat is losing weight accordingly, stick to the diet; otherwise reduce or increase the diet accordingly. Follow this until your cat has reached its target weight.