water fountain for cats reviews

Consider the water capacity of the fountain which will depend upon the number of cats you have.
Keeping your cat well hydrated is one simple way to help prevent kidney disease. Since cats prefer to drink from flowing water, a cat water fountain is a great way to up your cat’s water consumption. There are plenty of brands to choose from nowadays. I’ve taken a look at some of the best cat drinking fountains and their pros and cons to help you decide.
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Petsafe Drinkwell Sedona pet fountain provides your cat fresh circulating water to keep your pet hydrated. The unit looks very elegant and stylish, complementing any home décor. There are several reasons why having a water fountain available for your cat might be a great idea.The benefits of using a water fountain for your cat are:Let's return to that central question. Should you buy your cat a smart water fountain?
Electric water fountains keep your cat's water circulating, aerated, and clean. Periodically you'll need to clean them to maintain their performance. We suggest a full cleaning, and replacing their carbon filters.DIY Cat Water Fountain Under $15 - click on the flickr link for the full explanation. I made this today, not only is it a great DIY idea but my cats love it. Mine was around $25 because I bought a pretty good quality filter. I also love that the replacement cartridges won't be hard to find unlike other car fountains I've had.
Is a fountain simply pampering your cat? Actually, your cat may be avoiding the normal water dish due to stagnation, putting them at a higher risk for urinary tract infections.
The running water in a will usually result in an increase in the amount of water your cat drinks. A drinking fountain re-circulates and filters the water, making it fresher-tasting and encouraging your cat to drink more. Because the water in a drinking fountain goes through a charcoal filter to remove odors and impurities, it is healthier for your cat than stale water that has been standing and collecting debris. Also, a pet water fountain will provide the running water that your cat prefers without the wastefulness of leaving your tap running continuously.Cats are especially known to prefer moving water to anything stagnant in a bowl, so fountains can help your pet drink more. Additionally, can benefit from flowing water because the sound and movement can attract them to it. For pets with depth perception issues, the spigot gives them another level to drink from, instead of just skimming the surface of the bowl.Drinkwell Platinum is the absolute best seller of cat water fountains. It’s a smart product to encourage your pet to drink more water. Keeps the water circulated and filtered by replaceable charcoal filters. The free-falling system aerates the water and adds oxygen for freshness. Comes with a new, modern design and with a quiet submersible pump. It can hold 168 fluid ounces of water.
You know that a glass of water that has been sitting out all day doesn’t taste as good as a fresh glass drawn directly from a filtered tap. Because cats have a much more well-developed sense of smell than humans, doesn’t it make sense that your cat would appreciate fresh drinking water, too? An added benefit is that many pet guardians find the sound of a gently gurgling pet water fountain to be soothing.The idea of purchasing best cat water fountain for your pet may sound absurd at first, however it’s not so strange after you understand the reasoning behind it.