Ceramic Water Fountains for Cats or Dogs by WetWhiskersFountains

Cat Fountain Cat Water Fountain Ceramic by WetWhiskersFountains
This is a ceramic water fountain for cats and other pets you may have in the household. The ceramic finish make it a really nice piece to add to your home. It’s a capacity of 70 oz of clean circulating water and a replaceable charcoal filter that is unique to remove flavor and bad smells.
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still not sure why cat need to water fountain to drink water from but if they have to have one then they can have this one: Lucky Kitty Ceramic Drinking Fountain for Cats Pet Fountain Ceramic Cat Fountain Cat Water by CatFountainsPet Fountain Ceramic Cat Fountain Cat Water by CatFountainsPet Fountain Ceramic Cat Fountain Cat Water by CatFountains
The PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain has a capacity of 70 ounces. This is an ample capacity for cats and most small dogs. Buyers who have more than one dog (or several cats) may need to replenish the water more frequently, but in general, 70 ounces should be good for two to three days. Some owners have said that the unit is noisy, but others recommend keeping the fountain full in order to eliminate noise.The Raindrop Ceramic Drinking Fountain by Pioneer Pet is a nice looking unit that continuously circulates filtered drinking water. The fountain doesn’t require as much space as a bigger model with free-falling stream, yet provides your pet fresh, filtered and continuously circulated drinking water. The ceramic design and the oval shape makes this cat water fountain unique and attractive.
With the Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic fountain, cats will be treated to a dual free-flowing streams, contained in a ceramic bowl. Since the system constantly facilitates the flow of water, the water is oxygenated, keeping it fresh and cool.Pet fountain slime is more than a disgusting inconvenience. Pet fountain slime is usually “bacterial biofilm” that develops when airborne bacteria attach to a surface and begin to release a slimy, gluelike substance that can stick to all kinds of materials (including plastic, stainless steel and other metals, ceramics and glass). Bacteria produce the slime as protection from cleaning chemicals. In your pet fountain, bacteria feed on microscopic particles that are deposited into the water from saliva, as well as food particles that are dropped into the water by a drinking cat or dog. With the right conditions, they multiply rapidly until they can be seen with the naked eye or you can feel them along the surface. Ceramic cat fountains that have holes for cords or tubes leak after a few months which is beyond the warranty period for these beautiful fountains. Dishwashers and cleaning methods can often cause the materials used to seal the hole, such as silicon or glues, to fail resulting in leaks. Glacier Point ceramic basins do not have any holes and therefore are warranted against leakage for 20 years. (Warranties do not extend to damage caused by mishandling such as pouring boiling water directly into the basin or cracks that result from the basin being dropped.)Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Pet Fountain is a modern and beautiful model. I highly recommend it if you want an elegant object that also keeps your pets healthy. The porcelain dishes are very easy to clean and more hygienic than a plastic unit, because it helps to reduce bacteria and moss formations. The cat water fountain made of durable white ceramic, but you can also purchase red or blue colored models.