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In response to owners who are just starting out and are not convinced that buying an expensive fountain is a good idea but want to supply a quality fountain that is made in the USA, the Spectrum Pet Fountain is Glacier Point’s latest product and provides a long lasting and safe water supply for your one or two-cat household to prevent development of health problems, especially kidney disease and urinary tract infections. Pets no longer have to wait their turn for a quick lap of water; they now can each have their own stream of water from one of the two streams pouring from the antimicrobial treated tee top, or can drink directly from the bowl at any angle. The Spectrum Fountain constantly circulates the water which inhibits bacteria growth, keeping the water tasting fresh and appealing to pets! The Spectrum Fountain is best suited to pet owners who prefer to change the water daily or several times weekly. Its streamlined design allows for fast and easy cleaning – it is easy to clean and easy to keep clean!
Drinking Fountain Bowl Automatic Dog Waterer Cat Water Dispenser
Technology has come a long way since I had my first cat. Back then, I gave her water from a bowl and never gave it a second thought. I did notice that she preferred to drink from our kitchen faucet whenever she had the chance though. As knowledge of animal health progressed, new products have improved our pets’ quality of life. Cat drinking fountains are one of those inventions. Led Automatic Dog Cat Kitten Water Drinking Fountain Pet BowlLed Automatic Dog Cat Kitten Water Drinking Fountain Pet BowlDrinking Fountain Bowl Automatic Dog Waterer Cat Water Dispenser
With the Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic fountain, cats will be treated to a dual free-flowing streams, contained in a ceramic bowl. Since the system constantly facilitates the flow of water, the water is oxygenated, keeping it fresh and cool.Cats are especially known to prefer moving water to anything stagnant in a bowl, so fountains can help your pet drink more. Additionally, can benefit from flowing water because the sound and movement can attract them to it. For pets with depth perception issues, the spigot gives them another level to drink from, instead of just skimming the surface of the bowl.This Catit Water Fountain is designed to recirculate the water, thus providing the pets with fresh water every time. Also, a special charcoal filter is included in the design to help take away the dirt and debris. This comes with a dome and bowl where cats can drink water.Cats can easily dehydrate! Make sure they have a fresh bowl of water or water fountain that is filtered at all times. I am recommending but not insisting on the fountain. Hear me out on this one:The fountain should not be near the food bowl. In nature cats don’t find their food where they find their water. Bacteria from decaying food could easily contaminate the water source, which could prove fatal and cats are instinctively aware of this. It is also thought the aromas coming from their food can put them off drinking. Ideally the fountain should be in another room, not the kitchen and definitely not near the litter box. Never put your cat’s food or water anywhere near the litter box. It is also best to place the fountain away from high traffic areas, particularly if your cat is the timid type.I live with three cats, two tortoise shell beauties and a stunning orange tabby. Before we got the tabby, I had a cat in kidney failure and a cat with diabetes. Between the two of them, they sucked down water like race horses. I got tired of continually refilling and cleaning out water bowls and wanted my pets to have a constant supply of fresh water for health reasons. So, I decided to purchase a cat water fountain. The first couple I purchased fell short of my expectations. With some experimentation (and spending way more than I wanted to finding the right one) I've finally discovered what to look for when purchasing any pet drinking fountain. I've also had the fortune of being a professional petsitter and getting to use a wide variety of these pet fountains.