Cats drinking from Catit Water Fountain

We get asked a lot about cat water drinking fountains to replace a standard .
This is another PetSafe water fountain that is designed for cats of all sizes. This is an ideal water fountain if you have multiple cats in the household, as it has a circular design that provides lots of space for your cats to have a drink. With a 128 oz. Liter capacity, this water fountain will surely make your cats hydrated for many days. And you won’t have to refill it every day.
The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is a water dispenser that gives your cat fresh running water to encourage it to drink more water.
Thanks hauspanther for bringing this product to our attention. I guess I’m a little ahead of the curve as I purchased one of these units from AVP last year. Several of my friends had purchased the Drinkwell version of this product and found that their fountain required a rigorous maintenance schedule and their cats soon lost interest in actually drinking water from the bowl. It was back to dripping water from the sink. After much research I decided on the NatureSpa, liking the automatic shutoff feature and UV light filtration system for killing unwanted bacteria from the recirculating water. The final clincher was the blue led light that lightly glows after lights out in the evening. Fourteen months into this purchase my two cats are still drawn to the soft sound of the running water. I had a question early on about the placement of the charcoal filters and was pleased with the quick customer support. I work all day away from home and often have to travel for my work. My neighbor is kind enough to feed my cats when I am away and I’m glad to know that they are also getting plenty of water as I can check the reservoir (or my neighbor can) to monitor their water intake. In short, thumbs up for this pet fountain! I don’t worry about my cats near as much when I am away! OK you may say why bother with a cat water fountain when your cat could drink from a bowl or even from the tap?Dishes Feeders and Fountains 177784: Catit Flower Cat Water Drinking Fountain, Free Shipping BUY IT NOW ONLY: $34.95A cat water fountain offers multiple benefits to both you and your cat. Read on as I review what to look for in a cat drinking fountain...
Technology has come a long way since I had my first cat. Back then, I gave her water from a bowl and never gave it a second thought. I did notice that she preferred to drink from our kitchen faucet whenever she had the chance though. As knowledge of animal health progressed, new products have improved our pets’ quality of life. Cat drinking fountains are one of those inventions.Cat water fountains come in a variety of sizes. If you have more than one cat, it’s wise to pick one a cat fountain with a large reservoir. Some models can hold around four liters. It’s recommended that cats drink a minimum of 60mls per kg of weight per day (), so you can do the math and see what size fountain will suit your feline family best.Keeping your cat well hydrated is one simple way to help prevent kidney disease. Since cats prefer to drink from flowing water, a cat water fountain is a great way to up your cat’s water consumption. There are plenty of brands to choose from nowadays. I’ve taken a look at some of the best cat drinking fountains and their pros and cons to help you decide.The running water in a will usually result in an increase in the amount of water your cat drinks. A drinking fountain re-circulates and filters the water, making it fresher-tasting and encouraging your cat to drink more. Because the water in a drinking fountain goes through a charcoal filter to remove odors and impurities, it is healthier for your cat than stale water that has been standing and collecting debris. Also, a pet water fountain will provide the running water that your cat prefers without the wastefulness of leaving your tap running continuously.Cats also prefer wider bowls. If their whiskers touch the edges, it’s probably too small. If you have more than one cat, a bigger fountain will allow them both to drink at the same time. My boy always tries to push my girl away from the water bowl…he’s a meanie! There’s enough room for both to drink but he likes to boss her around for some reason. Luckily he gets bored quickly and she can drink her fill when he’s done.One big point against cat drinking fountains in comparison with water bowls is that they’re generally more complicated to clean. Make sure the model you choose is easy to disassemble and dishwasher safe. Otherwise, cleaning will be quite a chore.