How To Remove Cat Urine Smell From Carpet Naturally

How do you get cat urine smell out of a carpet?Debbie from Broken Bow, NE
Having pets can be a rewarding experience for people of all ages and walks of life, but caring and cleaning up after them can cause many concerns and questions to arise. As the most common house pets, dogs and cats can have the unfortunate habit of urinating on sofas, recliners and whatever upholstered furniture you may have. This is a more common occurrence when animals are younger and have not been fully trained to go outside or use the litter box. However, if your pet is suddenly urinating or eliminating in inappropriate areas, it may be a sign of illness or disease, and a visit to the vet would be needed. In the mean time, it's important pet urine and its smell is cleaned and eliminated to prevent future accidents from reoccurring.
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I once carried a cat urine laden backpack through four consecutive hours of class. It wasn’t until my last class of the day, which happened to be genetics, in a rather small, hot, stuffy room that I realized that the recurring whiffs of cat pee I had been smelling were indeed coming from me. All day I had been convincing myself I was crazy, there was no cat urine. But the truth was, I was carrying the cat pee. Luckily for myself and those around me, I had several years of experience working at a pet store where sometimes close to a dozen cats could be found wandering the aisles. There I had learned a few tricks and so was able to remedy the situation. Nowadays, armed not only with pet store experience, but also with the enlightenment that comes from owning and cleaning up after two cats of my own, I feel it’s my duty to pass on my knowledge so that all might learn the art of a pee free existence…or at least pee-free outside of the litter box. Cat Urine On Carpet Smell IdeasRemoving Cat Urine Smell From CarpetHow To Remove Cat Urine And The Smell From Carpets
It’s crucial that the product that you use is enzymatic, which has special biological enzymes that greatly reduce the smell of cat urine, and sometimes remove it completely. Remember that it’s important to follow the instructions on the bottle very carefully – they’re there for a reason. Applying too much of certain cleaners can have a negative effect on some carpets and fabrics.The smell of cat urine is unmistakable and no one wants a house that smells of cat urine. You don't have to kick kitty to the curb if you have a cat that is urinating on the carpet. You can get your kitty to stop peeing on the carpet and remove the heavy smell of cat urine with a few easy tips.Q:I am trying to sell my home and I can't get rid of urine smell in carpets. Sick and old cat messes were cleaned up immediately but still the scent lingers and has now intensified with the hot and humid weather! Any suggestions? I have tried most of the pump sprays on the market!Kitty might be kind enough to avoid the carpet, but urine odors and stains can be pesky on other flooring types. A mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 2 parts water can effectively remove urine odor from hardwood and subflooring, which may need to be treated if the cat's urine has permeated through the carpet to the plywood underneath. If the subflooring is badly damaged, the affected area may need to be removed and replaced. For tile and linoleum, consider an enzyme-based cleaner, boric acid, bleach or apple cider vinegar to clean and neutralize, but when using bleach, don't leave the bleach on the flooring for any length of time. Consider diluting it in mop water and mopping the area until the odor is neutralized. Similarly, bleach is effective in removing the smell of urine from concrete floors.One of the most effective ways to eliminate a cat urine smell from your carpet is to remove as much of the urine as possible when it's wet. Using paper towels or clean rags, blot the spot until no urine is detected on the towels. Pour a small amount of clean water onto the soiled area and continue to blot until the towels are clear when removed from the carpet.Removing your cat's urine smell out of a carpet can be a problem. If you catch a fresh puddle of pee then it is not too bad. But once the urine has soaked through the carpet is when things are a little tricky.