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Christina asked: How do I cat urine from a leather couch
If you have caught your kitten within the act on one of the cushions from your couch or sofa, gentility remove the cushion to place it outside as soon as possible. Cat urine has a way of making it’s way within the cracks of the couch and underlying furniture frames if it has enough time to soak in. By immediately removing the cushion, you will be preventing this from happening and diverting a larger problem.
How to Get Cat Urine Odor Off a Microfiber Couch. Ryan won't let me kill Stella so I guess I've gotta deal with her.
4. Upholstery
If the cushion covers are washable, remove and launder or take them to be dry-cleaned. If the cat urine has leaked into the sofa cushion, try an enzyme-based pet-odor remover that you can pour on. Let it set and then soak and blot. If this doesn't help, find a dry cleaner who deals with fire or smoke damage and who uses an ozone machine — it can work wonders on the smelly cushion. If nothing else works, consider replacing the cushion — it's cheaper than buying a new couch! Cat friendly couch (for easy urine cleanup) July 13, 2013Getting Rid of Cat Urine Odor from Microfiber Couch | ThriftyFunApr 14, 2017 - How do I remove cat's urine in my microfiber couch and get rid of the smell?
I actually don't have a suggestion, but there are MANY suggestions on this site in the archives. I am sure that something will work. I do not think that you will have to spend $1000 on a new couch over one cat accident. I refuse to believe that there is not something that will work. One thing that you might do is phone the SPCA or other animal shelter or a vet's office and ask them what they use to remove urine odor. I am assuming that the cat urine soaked into the foam, and you have to get you enzymatic cleaner down into that to do any good. Good luck!By I washed my leather couch down with water and about a fourth cup of bleach. Then I dried it off, washed it with water and pine sol and after all this I wiped it down with lemon juice. Then I rubbed baby oil on it to bring back the shine and this got rid of the cat urine smell. (03/02/2007)By I wish you the best of luck with any posts you get with ideas on how to solve the smell issue. First, know that the urine has most likely penetrated your foam cushions. Ours was saturated as we were on vacation when the urinating occurred. So this is what we did that helped until we could get another couch (and this sounds like a lot of work, which it was, and it sounds kind of cheesy but the couch was very expensive to replace): we bought Simple Solution from Petsmart (this works really great for smells caught immediately).We took out the foam cushions, poured Simple Solution on them (outside as this is a messy job). We allowed it to dry. This took about two days. The smell was still there but not as strong as it was. We didn't want the cat to do it again so we took some trash bags and duct tape and wrapped the cushions up (air tight, so to speak) put them back in the leather seat covers and covered the entire couch with a plastic shower curtains. We removed the shower curtains when we wanted to sit down but anytime we were not around for more than five minutes, we put it back on.When we sat on the cushions, there was a rattling sound from within from the bags and they were kind of puffy. When guests came over we had them sit elsewhere because there was still the faintest of faint urine smells that wafted up from the crevices of the couch.BUT, we were able to get a decent couch from a family member a few months later and as much as it hurt me, we threw away the ruined couch. I'm certain if this had happened while we were home, we would have gotten the odor out and my beloved leather and expensive leather sofa would still be in my living room.We learned a valuable lesson: we love the cat but now we keep everything covered in plastic shower curtains when we are not around (beds, furniture, fabric chairs, etc.). She's old and has kidney failure (which started when we were on vacation for ten days and the pet sitter didn't notice any odd behavior or smells). They are not pretty to look at but as soon as I come home or company is arriving, the shower curtains leave the room and the house is pretty again :)Good luck to you and sorry my post wasn't a positive outcome but remember to appreciate what you have instead of having remorse for the things you don't -- we still have our kitty and she's doing so much better :) (05/03/2005)Depending on the cat and the circumstance, they may occasionally forget or disregard its litter box all together. Cat urine is one of the most pungent smells on earth. It can even discolor fabric, so it needs to be attended to as quickly as possible. Not only is the smell awful for humans, cats will urinate in the same place if it isn't cleaned up. Cleaning cat pee off the couch is unpleasant, but easy.