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To some people, cats are stealthy, slinky creatures that are associated with dark magic, witches, and Halloween. To more than 33 percent of American households, however, cats are part of the family and are deserving of love and attention. Perhaps the 85 million cats owned as pets in United States account for the growing predominance of pet supply companies and their products. Cat lovers willingly devote money, their hearts, and often much of their homes to making sure their furry friends are comfortable and content. Cats, especially kittens and younger felines, need a certain level of activity and engagement to stay healthy and to stay out of trouble. For these reasons, cat owners should consider buying used cat furniture, such as a cat tree or cat condo, that will offer cats several perches from which to survey their domestic domain. When searching for cat furniture, pet owners should consider several factors to make sure they buy items that suit their own needs, as well as those of their beloved feline.
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Cat lovers looking to keep their feline friends comfortable and happy typically find there is no better accessory than a . These trees are large towers, complete with several platforms that usually come covered in a durable carpet for scratching and nail sharpening. This tree can serve as a place for naps, a scratching post, a play area and a climbing device. While pet owners can purchase a pre-made cat tree for their animal companion, it is also quite easy to build a custom piece. With a few basic tools and supplies, any pet owner can make a tree that specifically fits with their pet's unique needs. Pet Supplies | Tagged Wade's Cat Tree House SPHVD | Concord Pet Foods and SuppliesWade's Cat Tree House SPVB | Concord Pet Foods and Supplies
Pet owners need several and supplies to create their custom cat tree. Most cat owners choose to cover the tree with durable carpeting, but specialty cat scratching fabric is a higher-end option.Pet owners making their cats a custom cat tree can find all the supplies they need right on eBay. Many eBay sellers have the tools and supplies needed to create this type of pet organizer. When purchasing big items like tools or plywood, make sure to be clear on shipping costs and periods of time. With a few of these basic carpentry items and a few household tools, any person can start making a cat tree for their pet. Once completed, this pet accessory can provide any domestic house cat with hours of fun and entertainment and can be a long lasting addition to any cat owner's home.With all of the supplies in hand, pet owners can easily start creating their new custom cat tree. There is no one "right size" of cat tree, so when it comes to determining proper measurements, pet owners need to cut pieces based on their preferences.