Cat tree using 'Frosta' stools form IKEA

Cedar Outdoor Crystal Tower Cat Tree - Outdoor Cat Condo Price: $399.00
Furthermore, you will need to find a cat tree that has a covering of nylon or even olefin carpeting. Make sure the covering is not made from fake fur or flannels because neither of these materials are going to stand up against your cat’s claws.
Cedar Outdoor Crystal Tower Cat Tree - Outdoor Cat Condo
Christmas is coming soon and everyone is so excited. To make the holiday even more spectacular, you found the perfect Christmas tree. You set it up, carefully decorate it and then stand back to bask in the beauty of the twinkling lights and delicate ornaments handed down from generation to generation. Your happiness may quickly turn to panic though as you notice your cat sauntering over to the tree with a look of total joy. He thinks you’re the absolute best cat parent in the whole world because you just created the max in environmental enrichment. You set up the ultimate CAT TREE! fancy cat trees | ... Cats eye-catching stand of handmade driftwood and oak cat furniturecat tree ideas ( would also be an awesome cake stand or cupcake display)cat tree has 3 carpeted 10 x 18"platforms and stand 48"tall with 20 x 22"footprint
Wall mounted cat tree stands 6' tall w/ 5 perches and is birch with mahogany trim. This sleek addition takes up minimal space but will give your cat years of recreation.The Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Beige is a wonderful cat tree constructed out of sturdy compressed wood, soft to the touch faux fur, and super grippy sisal rope perfect for scratching. The tree provides 3 different levelled platforms ideal for sitting, as well as a single condo hole for hiding and relaxing. Unlike other cat trees, the The Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Beige uses a soft faux fur covering, making it not only nicer to display in your home, but also provides a much softer feel than the common carpet-like material of most cat trees. Even more, the tree contains 5 different sisal rope scratching areas, giving your cat plenty of options and room to stretch out if needed. It also features a fully lined ramp from floor to entrance, assuring your cat a stable and easy way up while avoiding any possible imbalance from jumping. Overall, the cat tree stands a full 4.3 Feet (52 Inches) tall and weighs 23lbs.The Tomcat FatCat is approximately 3 inches wider and longer than the TomCat II. Weighing approximately 29 lbs. this climber is designed for bow and gun hunting. Like all TomCat models, the FatCat attaches to the tree very easily using adjustable slide-in hooks and pins. Each TomCat model utilizes cat like teeth to dig into the bark. As with the TomCat II, you can choose to sit facing the tree, or by using the slide out seat, sit with your back to the tree. The seat can be easily adjusted by hand, by using the easy to grip thumb screws. FatCat maximum weight limit is 300 lbs.As the Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in. is manufactured by the same people that made the previous number one tree, it is built from the same central compressed wood construction, super soft faux fur lining, and sisal rope scratching posts; but that is where the similarities end. This cat tree is truly massive compared to the first tree! It offers 5 different levels of platforms, each with their own shallow walls, allowing your cat to rest and sleep happily on each one no matter how high they go. The previous model’s platforms were smaller and round in shape, whereas this one provides larger squared and walled platforms; making a big difference when it comes to usability. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in. also offers 10 different scratching areas. Yes, you heard right! 10 different areas for your cat to scratch on; located on every level of the tree! It also provides 2 separate cat condos at two different heights, each with a large opening perfect for even the largest of cats. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72, like the other cat trees, is modular; meaning you can remove some of the towers and ramps to better suit your needs, or remove parts that the cat doesn’t use. Overall the base of the tree is just over 2 feet (28″W/ 24″L) in length, stands at 6 feet tall (72″), and weighs in at 36lbs.