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DIY Cat scratcher Scratching Tree using real wood & all natural materials.... simple cement base?
carries about eight different realistic-looking cat trees. The trees are made in the USA from real dragonwood left in its natural state. Prices range from approximately $197.00 up to $1,370.00, and it can take anywhere from two to six weeks for delivery depending on which model you choose.
This customer custom ordered a large cat tree with four padded seats and made from real wood.
Is your cat up a tree? IT SHOULD BE!! Cats love to climb real trees & our product is just that. With all natural hard wood logs, some artistic design, your cats can climb, stretch and play on real tree limbs to get the exercise they need for good health and strong muscles. We will build the tree that best fits the needs of you & your cats! my real diy cat tree, diy, pets, pets animals, repurposing upcycling, rustic furniture, woodworking projectsCat Tower, Corner Climbing Cat Tree. 68Our little ninja kitten loves this diy rustic cat tree house that we designed and built for him! It's made from a real tree branch and plywood.
A great tree for your crazy cats that will have a real blast while jumping from one platform to another. Crafted of solid wood, the tree is stable and very durable, consisted of 3 platforms, 1 cozy house on top, and sturdy poles wrapped with material that your cat will love to scratch.If you have cats then you have definitely have either purchased or have thought about getting cat furniture for your cats. Furniture for cats like cat furniture trees give your cats a place of their own to sleep, scratch, and play. We even carry very modern cat furniture that includes cat trees constructed of real wood and cardboard play houses.

Your cat will just love our real wood cat trees, they are like bringing the outdoors inside. And if you need to keep other pets out of the litterbox the best piece of furniture to have is one of our wood cat litterbox enclosures. Our maybe you just need a fancier place for the litterbox.Cat Tower, Corner Climbing Cat Tree. 68" Real Oak Ply Wood Furniture For Kitties. Cat scratching post, climbing tower by Theculturedcat on #EtsyAn intricate cat tree designed of a real tree with leaves, equipped with 4 natural-finished wood platforms. The bottom is accommodated by a small, high-pitched roof house that creates a nice home for your meowing critter.Each item is individually handcrafted and the surface of the tree is scraped and hand shaped to make it safe for kitty, while maintaining its natural appearance. The wood is not sealed so it continues to release a natural cedar scent. Cedar is a perfect scratching material for cats because it is hard enough for a satisfying scratch but not so hard that it will splinter. Kitty can really dig her claws in! Go natural with our amazing red cedar line of cat scratching posts and cat trees, or choose from a wide variety of cat tree styles featuring rustic wood components. Our red cedar trees have been featured on the Martha Stewart show, and are perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional carpeted cat trees. We also have a selection of realistic looking cat trees and cat trees with leaves.