2363403 S&S SM Cat Tree Instructions - Drs. Foster

Step by step instructions on how to assemble our Amazon model cat tree.
"we received our 72-inch cat tree tower condo this morning. the box had been damaged and there was a pretty good sized hole in box. when we opened it up there were no instructions or bolts to put it together."
Perfect cat tree for two cats. Easy to make with included instructions.
These free cat tree plans include photos, diagrams, and step-by-step building instructions so you can build a cat tree that's perfect for your cat and the space you have to put it in. “Learn how to build a cat tree; includes plans, step-by-step instructions along with tips, materials, and tools lists.”1*cat tree 1*instructionYou guys are awesome. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I followed your instructions and made a huge cat tree! Thanks!
All cat tree plans include detailed step by step directions on how to build each cat tree. Color pictures are provided next to the instructions that show an actual cat tree being built.DIY cat trees, homemade towers, cat condos, and other play structures are easy to make, even if you don't have a lot of building experience. Here are all the supplies and instructions you need!Features: -Instruction and tools included. -Cat tree. -Covering material: Faux fur. -Board material: Pressed wood. -Posts covered by natural sisal rope. -Color: Brown / Black. Color: -Brown andAs we eagerly awaited the arrival of our new kitten, my husband and I ordered this large cat tree. Our cat is a large breed and we expect she will reach almost 14 pounds, hence the need for a large-sized tree.

Assembly is required. My husband did not have much trouble navigating the process. However, one shelf of the tree was not pre-drilled as it was supposed to be. He had to drill a hole himself or we would have had to return the piece to the company and wait for a replacement part. It was hardly worth it to go through all that trouble and wait time, but it was an inconvenience for him to interrupt the assembly process and bring the shelf to work where a drill was available for use. Once the hole was drilled, he was able to complete the assembly. Attaching the hammock was quite a difficult feat. The small hooks were very hard to squeeze and hook onto the flimsy rope loops provided for attachment.

Overall, our kitten seems to enjoy this tree, however, there are a few issues. One is that she has never gone into the hammock, hence it is a total waste. It looks cute, but we would prefer a ramp or shelf or some other option she would actually use. She avoids the hammock entirely. Perhaps she is fearful of its instability, but clearly we cannot read her mind! We only know she is not a fan!

The major issue, however, is the tree does not seem sturdy. It wobbles whenever our kitten jumps onto it, climbs the posts or jumps from it or plays on it. This is worrisome to us as kitty parents and wonder what will happen when she more than doubles her weight and size. We question the quality of this tree due its wobbly, unstable nature. We are disappointed and wonder why this brand of tree was recommended so highly by our cat's breeder.

ARMARKAT: It was recommended so highly because, as you say, "Overall, our kitten seems to enjoy this tree." Helpful hints: I wonder if your husband felt for the hole before drilling a new one? Often, they can be partly covered by either fur or fleece. However, if you had requested replacement, it would have arrived within days. Next, you could've chosen a model with a ramp instead of a hammock, but who knows what each kitten will prefer? My cat uses the hammock to store her cat toys! Finally, did you read the assembly instructions which remind the owner to regularly tighten all screws to ensure stability? I hope these hints were helpful and you will begin to enjoy the tree as much as kitty!Cat tree arrived quickly. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Went together quickly with no problems. Love the fact it can be disassembled and that worn parts can be replaced. Jetty the cat was exploring it within minutes of it being assembled!Add Color or Patterns to your Cat Tree with Faux Fur. This soft material is easy to use, and comes in many styles. Apply Faux Fur correctly with our instructions.