Extra Large Cat Trees for Big and Heavy Cats.

Cat Tree Cat Temple Elite cat scratcher scratching post activity centre for large or heavy cats
The cat tree comes in a striking coffee and beige colour scheme with super-soft, high quality faux fur on the platforms and natural sisal rope on the scratching posts. The tree is well-built and sturdy, so it will hold heavy cats, and it’s very stable on the ground as well.
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The New Cat Condos Premier Designer Cat Pagoda has been designed to give your cats that perfect place to play, exercise, laze around, or sleep. The fun appeal of this pagoda will encourage your cats to play and indulge in a number of different activities. This Premier Designer Cat Pagoda from New Cat Condos is made using premium quality wood and plush high grade carpet for your cats’ comfort. This cat tree is the perfect way to encourage your cats to play.. This cat tree with its many scratchers, a platform, a cute house on its top, and a ladder features a heavy bottom to provide stability even while your cats run and play in it. The contemporary design of this cat tree will blend perfectly with the interiors of your home because of its availability in multiple colors. Due to its lightweight, the house can be carried and placed anywhere your cats enjoy playing. New Cat Condos is a leading brand known for their good quality cat houses and cat trees. This Premier Designer Cat Pagoda is proof to this claim. To help maintain the quality and the feel of this cat house, vacuum and spot clean it regularly. Extra Large Cat Trees for Big and Heavy CatsHeavy Duty Cat Trees for Large CatsSturdy Cat Trees, The Best Cat Furniture for Heavy Cats. Large, Tall Cat Condos, Sturdy Cat Furniture for Large Cats.
Are you seeking a unique cat tree and condo? Are you seeking something which will support your weighty cat with ease? The Go Pet Club F56 is among the best cat trees you can get for those purposes. It’s a 52-inch, beige-colored cat tree that’s made of compressed wood and sisal rope. Go Pet Club makes use of top-quality wood to construct this model. It features a soft carpet which covers it entirely. Also, it’s suitable for lightweight and heavy cats alike.PS: For a tall tree, it possibly will be a bit shaky. At least mine does. My cats don't like that unstable feeling, and I'm afraid it will fall if they jump too hard. So I put lots of heavy magazines at the base to stabilize it. If you are planning to do similar thing, don't throw away your heavy books from now on!The TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree only has one level, making it totally different from the other two trees we discussed. Not only that, but rather than containing platforms or condos for resting, it features a super soft faux fur lined hammock; pretty luxurious! What is perfect about this cat tree is exactly how simple it is, and the small size allows it to fit well into any home or apartment without being very noticeable. This tree is also perfect for both large and small cats; as the soft hammock top is reinforced with a steel rim, there is no way your cat, regardless of its size, will be able to break it. Also, the supports of the hammock are posts wrapped in sisal rope, giving this little cat tree two scratching towers! The base is made of compressed wood and is 1.3′ by 1.3′ (16″ by 16″), making it the smallest of all the trees we have covered. Its heavy base and short height make this tree incredibly stable, so you will never need to worry about your cat knocking it over no matter what size they are.The next piece of cat furniture in our cat tree reviews is the Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040. This cat tree is the easiest to assemble. If you have a number of cats in your home. It has fifteen different levels to it, so there is plenty of room for several cats to play, and it has two good sized cat houses for cats to hide when they are not in the mood for play. Despite its size, this cat tree is still very stable and the footprint is not as large as might have thought. It’s also robust enough to handle large and heavy cats, so this cat tree definitely gets the thumbs up from us.The shipping weight of the Go Pet Club is a little more than 72 lbs which makes it a heavy product and you should know that the heavy ones are more stable of holding the bulky ones. The installation process is very easy also. This is one of the most modern cat trees for large cats that you will find on the market.The bases and platforms are all made of heavy plywood. We like to create a variety of shapes and surfaces for your cat’s tree – curved and flat platforms, domes, and tunnels which we cover with dense plush carpet. All uniquely combined for your cat’s enjoyment.