Temptations Cat Treats TV Spot, 'Say Sorry' Song by Elton John

Temptations Cat Treats are so tempting, cats will do anything to get their paws on them.
With Tasty Chicken & Turkey or Savory Salmon & Tuna flavors, Temptations Tumblers are scrumptious treats cats crave. They feature a round shape that transforms treat time into play time. Just give them a roll and your cat will chase down and enjoy all the flavor.
Temptations Cat Treats To Host Launch Party On Thursday, April 6 in Eugene,...
At seven months old and within three days little Munchkin suddenly went from being a typically active, healthy kitten to lethargic, respiratoryproblems, and death. What was different a couple days before this? Giving him and my other cats Whiskas Temptations Treats! Now I am watching theothers very closely because digging a grave for a sweet little furbaby sucks beyond belief! There is *NO* excuse for the company to be remainingsilent about this when each day is bringing more and more new reports of illnesses and deaths. Ken of Pensacola, FL on April 27, 2016 Nutritious Cat Treats Snacks TemptationsWhiskas Cat Kitten Christmas Xmas Stocking Temptations Treats AmpWhiskas Temptations Kitten En Cat Care Treats 2 1 Oz
Looking at the ingredients on any cat product, there are a few you want to either minimize or completely get rid of, depending on your cat’s health. These include corn, wheat, by-products (including meat meals), saturated oils, yeast, and heavy grains. The first 5 ingredients are the most important because they are labeled from the most to the least as far as quantity in the recipe. If we look over the Temptations ingredients (I am reading off of the Backyard Cookout flavor), we will see the 5 following ingredients listed first and in this order: Chicken By-Product, Ground Corn, Animal Fat, Dried Meat By-Products, and Brewers Rice. Noting what I had just mentioned above, these treats are not “healthy” by a long shot. If we were to compare human food to cat food, consider something like this the McDonald’s of cat treats. No cat food or treat should EVER have all 5 ingredients be from the no-no list.Whether you choose to continue to feed your cat Temptations treats or not, that is up to you. For my cats it came down to allergies and I had to stop buying them. If you suspect for any reason the treats are causing issues with your cat, it is best to stop providing them and take them to a vet to get tested for food allergies. One of the most common food allergies for cats is corn. Cats can also have bad reactions to plastic bowls, perfumes, and even fleas (some cats are deathly allergic to fleas).Since writing this post I have noticed my cat doing something many have complained about and that is pulling out his fur. He did this on a few of his legs and the bald spots were not tiny, they were very noticeable. He is an indoor cat and only goes out while on a leash under my supervision. I also do not leave any kind of cleaner, pills, ect out where he can reach them. The only thing I had changed was buying him a different flavor of Temptations, the Catnip Mixup flavor. I have stopped giving these treats to him all together several months ago and the fur has grown back. He no longer pulls out his fur either. He does have food sensitivities and it was likely down to an allergy. For many people experiencing issues like this, it is best to try another type of treat with limited ingredients. Getting your kitty tested for allergies will help to determine which food/treats are best. For those who have experienced sudden changes (illness or death), it is likely due to your cat getting into something poisonous. You really have to pay attention to what you keep in your home and if you allow your cat to go outdoors, it should be in an enclosed area or under your supervision. Many people use pesticides, rat poison, and so on outside their homes. Cars also leak anti-freeze which is known to taste sweet to cats and dogs. I have done research on several treats, several cases, and other than food allergy symptoms which will get worse over time, . So unless some poison was added to the treats by mistake, we have to assume the sudden illness and death cases are caused by something else.I have never had an issue with my cats and temptations. I do not buy bags, I buy the big containers 16 oz I believe. It could be that batches of the bags were bad. I have not come across anything on this but they will likely try to cover it up (or already have) if this was the case. I will update the post if I find any more information so check back periodically. I am more curious now that you have mentioned more cats becoming ill. I know that puking isn’t a sign of sickness but detox which means its body is trying to protect it. Likely something the cat is allergic to in the treats. Many cat owners believe puking is normal and it isn’t. Even frequent hair balls is not normal. Temptations are the least of my worries as far as cat nutrition goes. You would not believe what they sell in pet stores that passes as food.