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My husband wants to drive them across country in his Canyonero (giant SUV). He figures he'll get one of those cage thingies that just separates the driver's compartment from the rest of the vehicle, let them loose in there with a covered litter box, and take frequent rests. Then he'd put them in a cat carrier to transport them into the hotel room every night. We both see a few logistical problems here. What if one cat makes a break for it while you have the door open, trying to get the other cat in the box?
Step 1b: Place the cat in a carrier or closed box to transport the cat to the veterinarian.
Air France will no longer transport these snub-nosed breeds as checked baggge: Affenpinscher, Boston Terrier, Boxer (all breeds), Brussels Griffon, Bulldog (all breeds), Cane Corso, English Toy Spaniel, French Mastiff, Japanese Spaniel, Lhassa Apso, Mastiff (all breeds), Pekingese, Presa Canario, Pug (all breeds), Shih Tzu, Shar Pei, or Tibetan Spaniel.

Snub-nosed cats include: Burmese, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan and Persian. Breeds listed above can fly as air cargo. Specifications for Tipping Transport BoxYour mission is transport box to designated locations by pushing them.1 x 10kg Pet Transport Carrier Box for Dogs & Cats
Dogs with flat or snub noses, including Pugs, Boxers and Bulldogs, and cat breeds including Burmese or Persian are classified as brachycephalic breeds, which may pose a higher risk during transport. These breeds have a compromised respiratory system and cannot breath as efficiently as non-brachycephalic breeds. As pets regulate their body temperature by panting, snub-nose breeds are more inclined to overheat in warm weather. More information on this condition can be found at In addition we have the means to water the cats and dogs in transit without having to open their cages or transport boxes, if required. We travel with a Sat Nav and a back up system and a Spanish and UK mobile phone. We provided live tracking of our journey and regular updates through our password protected Transport Page which we set up for each individual transport.The certificates mean the Vans have met the stringent requirements of DEFRA which in brief means that the vans have air conditioning, a grill separating the drivers from the animals (which allows air to flow through), the means of monitoring and adjusting the temperature in the rear of the van, independent lighting in the rear in the van, a washable floor in the van, approved cages and transport boxes for the cats and dogs, and the means to secure the cages and transport boxes throughout the journey.TIP don’t put a blanket or bedding into the cat box when you are transporting it to the drop off location. If it going to go to the toilet far better it does it in an empty box that you can easily clean out before handing the cat over to us. Put the bedding into the box once you are at the pick up location.Please note though that boxes MUST NOT be any bigger than those on . However tempting it is to sneak in a bigger box this causes us real problems as we have an optimum layout that we must achieve if we are going to cover the costs of the transport, and if we can’t load your box because it is too big then we will have no option other than to leave the box and the cat with you BUT we will still require you to pay your contribution as we can’t afford to provide the transports if they aren’t full, and your space could have been taken by someone else and it is unfair on all the other cats and dogs and owners if we cancel because you couldn’t be bothered to sort out the right size box!Given the length of the trip and the size, you might be able to get a litter box inside. Covered litter boxes are recommended since they will not spill or splash litter in transport. Never allow your cat to roam outside the car on a trip no matter how much he wants to stretch his legs. Cats will bolt and finding them in unfamiliar terrain near a roadway is simply too nerve wracking and dangerous.