There are many different ideas to cat training.

Stop laughing! Despite what you might have heard, cats can be trained.
In this last stage, you’ll be tested on your knowledge of cat behavior and training. Upon successful completion, you’ll become an ABC Certified Cat Trainer (ABCCT).
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No ideas, but I sympathize with you. People that have never had a cat that meows for no good reason will never be able to understand what you’re going through. I love cats desperately, but am going through a hard time how to shut my cat up and often think of how to get rid of her, but could never do it – that love hate thing. I thought I was over getting up at 6 am when my kids grew up and now my cat wakes us up every morning. I’m searching for a nice solution. I will try training her. I really hope it works. She’s not young. I’m assuming she has some Siamese cause in one of her litters one of the kittens looked totally siamese! good luck with yours The cat training does sweet kitty.Easy and simple to use methods of cat training, click on the link below:Charles Mingus Cat Toilet Training Program
No, this is not about cat training boot camp!

If training your cat to sit, stay and heel is your goal, perhaps you should get a dog. If training your cat to adroitly perch himself over your toilet to do his business is your goal, perhaps this article is not for you either. This article is for all of us who would be happy training our cat to just use the litter box instead of our comforter, closet or shoes. This is for owners who would be happy training their cat to use a scratching post instead of the stereo speakers. If you're like me, you admire your cat for being a cat and you want him to behave as nothing other than a cat, but a well-behaved one.Before we start training our cats to do something or to stop doing something, we need to look at how cats learn. They don't understand English, they can't read books or attend lectures. They learn by experience. If the experience is good, they will try to repeat it. If the experience is unpleasant, your cat will try to avoid it in the future. Cats enjoy raking the furniture with their claws, so they continue to do it. But it's quite a shock when they stick their nose in a candle flame, so they won't do that again.Why do cats do the things they do. Fortunately, we'll never know or even come close to knowing everything. The feline mystique is what often attracts us to our cats and makes them so fun and interesting to live with. But it sure would be nice if we could understand them enough to train our cat to stop urinating in our closet!Sometimes we unintentionally reward our cat for obnoxious behavior. A common complaint is that the cat pounces on the owner at five in the morning, meowing up a storm and generally being a pest. What do the owners do? They get up and feed the cat, play with him or let him outside. You have trained your cat to wake you up! Your cat has learned that his behavior gets him exactly what he wants.The key to training a cat and understanding cat behavior is to make sure that whatever you want your cat to do is exceedingly rewarding and pleasurable. Whatever you don't want your cat to indulge in must never be rewarding or fun, in fact, it must be unpleasant.Reprimands simply do not work when training your cat. If you catch kitty in the act, he will only misbehave when you are not around. If you punish the cat later, he will not associate the reprimand with the crime (you will also be training your cat to mistrust you). In either case, the misbehavior will continue. Some cats misbehave just to get attention and the attention is enough of a reward to cause kitty to continue his ways. So what do we do?