15 BEST Cat Toys 2017 | Interactive Toy Picks for Indoor Cats

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Cats are natural hunters, thus, inherent in their instincts is a predisposition to hunt, stalk and kill a prey. However, the natural platform for them to do that is removed once they are taken away from the wild into an indoor environment. While being indoors is much safer for the cats, there is also much less in the indoor world to stimulate them. Without stimulation, cats fall into either unhealthy prolonged slumber or neurotic behaviors such as aggression or excessive grooming. Neither of these needs to happen if they are provided with a variety of activities to make their indoor life more enriching and interesting. The article will suggest some of the best cat toys for indoor cats you can buy for your beloved pets.
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Having a cat means providing him/her with the best. Taking good care of a cat is more than just giving it good food and shelter. Cat toys for indoor cats are an important aspect of a cat’s life because it helps them develop and feed their natural instincts. When the cats play with the toys, they exercise and have fun at the same time. If you don’t get toys for your feline friend, then he/she will start playing with anything it gets, and might even ruin things in your home. Seeing your cat have fun playing also gives you some level of satisfaction and pleasure. Cat toys for indoor catsThere are many different types of cat toys for indoor cats to choose from, it all depends on what it loves.Guide To Cat Toys For Indoor Cats by | Cats, Cat toys and ..
The next time you’re on the lookout for a cool, new toy for your rambunctious kitty, imagine trying to find one in a room the size of ten football fields with 2,357 booths. The annual Global Pet Expo, featuring the latest and greatest products for horses, dogs, reptiles, fish and cats, was held in San Diego this past year and is headed to Orlando in 2009. Lucky for you, the selection of cat toys at your local pet store will be a lot smaller, since about 4,000 buyers from pet stores around the country comb the Expo to choose the very best to sell in their stores. All types of cat toys will be discussed in this section whether it be simple catnip toys, balls, or interactive toys such as laser lights and flying toys your cat will go crazy leaping in the air for until they are tired out. It is of particular importance to have toys for indoor cats because they need stimulation since they aren’t able to go outside to hunt, climb and do other stuff outdoors do by nature.12 Interactive Cat Toys Perfect Christmas Presents for Your Indoor Cats Its that time of year and many cat owners not only buy gifts for special people in their life but also for their pets. Also with the weather getting cooler even your outdoor cats are probably spending more time inside. Its normal for most cats to hang out in your house more when the temperatures drop and snow becomes the norm. What it also means is your kitties are being even more lazy than usual. So to keep them a…Cat toys are answer to constant inquisition and playfulness that give cats a restless streak. The famous cat and mouse chase does not only represent predatory but also their quest for adventure and challenge. Lack of such exercise, like in case of indoor cats, can lead to stress and feeling of loneliness, which can further lead to lethargy and high susceptibility to illness among these cats. Thus it is vital for cat owners to provide their pets with different mind stimulation activities and one such way is provision of