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I have a cat so won’t be buying anything for her from this collection–however I do buy all her supplies in Petsmart and will be looking for that tag–maybe in the store they will have some cat toys!
Grreat Choice™ Pickle Cat Toy - Catnip | cat Plush Toys | PetSmart
Internet sensation Grumpy Cat has launched a line of cat toys available exclusively at PetSmart. The collection celebrates Grumpy Cat’s signature sass and snarkiness with an array of toys for cats. Grreat Choice™ Pickle Cat Toy - Catnip at PetSmart. Shop all cat plush toys online.Petlinks™ Plume Crazy Wand Teaser Cat Toy | cat Toys | PetSmartInteractive Cat Toys, Cat Tunnels & Cat Balls | PetSmart.