Leaps & Bounds Feathered Fish Cat Toy with Catnip, 4.5" Length

KONG NATURALS STRAW CYLINDER with FEATHERS - Catnip Feathers Lightweight Cat Toy
It probably seems basic to you, but a peacock feather isn't just a simple toy. It's an effective way to interact with your kitty and give her some exercise. Physical activity is vital for Athena on many levels; it helps increase her muscle tone, improves her circulation and can eliminate behavior problems by alleviating boredom and stress. Peacock feathers have even become a professional tool of sorts, finding a place in official cat shows: when a judge comes across a particularly aloof feline, a few flicks of a peacock feather elicits a response every time.
8.88 Set of two Cat Toys with feathers! Handmade with hemp rope and wine cork
My cats would love the feather whirl, they play well together but one is older than the other and tends to get bored with her antics. She would benefit from playing alone with this toy. Fun bright colorful toy with feathers on a 16" teaser wand. Includes catnip.Fun bright colorful toys with feathers. Includes catnip. Three assorted characters.Fun Feathers Catnip Cat Toy wand with plush fish and feathers. Colorful and interactive and contains catnip.
i absolutely love making these with all the various left overs from other craft projects. I always have an abundance of feathers that friends send me from hunting trips. So whatever isn't used for crafts, gets used for cat toys. One of my cats has a favorite pheasant feather one that he carries around the house with him, as if he caught the actual bird! So much fun to watch them play. Thanks for sharing this! Cat toys come in a wide variety of styles, but there are a few categories that continually emerge as favorites. Here we’ve collected five example of five different categories of toys: balls, catnip toys, toys with feathers, mice and other prey animals, and scratching posts and playgrounds. These are all tried-and-true toy types which can add a new dimension to your cat’s environment and pique their interest. The Human Society of the United States recommends that you make a rotation of your cat’s toys to keep them interesting. Only keep a few out at a time, then switch them the next week. When you do, make sure they have one of each type of toy, including at least a couple that you use with them, since domestic cats enjoy bonding activities with their humans.This feathered cat toy is one of the most common items that you will find at your local pet store. You may have purchased one in the past and thus noticed how much your kitty loved to play with it! But, if you have bought one before then you also know how expensive they are when compared to how little it takes for your feline to destroy it. So, save yourself time, money and frustration and give this DIY project a try!No list of cat toys would be complete without a wand-style toy on it. This particular model comes with options, with five different feathered attachments in five bright colors — red, purple, green, yellow, and teal. It’s almost like getting five toys in one. Even better, each of the feather attachments comes with a small bell that will grab your cat’s attention. Once assembled, the wand reaches about three feet, which makes it easy to use while standing or sitting. It’s a classic cat toy.Spanning several of our categories, this toy has it all. It’s a ball attached to feathers, filled with catnip and a material that crinkles. Even the most discerning cat won’t be able to resist all of those features. The price is right, too. The feathers should provide an interesting flight pattern as you throw the ball to your cat. You can also use the feathers to drag the ball away from them while you play. It has a little bit of everything.The fact that you get a cat toy from a pet store is no guarantee that it's safe for kitty, either. Store-bought toys, though they may be made especially for cats, can be dangerous -- or become dangerous if they get broken. Fake mice, for instance, can come with small plastic eyes that a cat might be able to remove and swallow. Remove the eyes, feathers or other things your cat could swallow before letting it play with the toy. Cheap, stuffed soft toys also could be dangerous if the cat is able to tear it open and swallow the filling. Unsecured standing posts can topple down, too.