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Australian Shepherd gets excited every time she sees this cat toy commercial.
Near the end of the commercial we’re again reminded that kitty will love playing with the Cat’s Meow toy. It’ll also keep you and your kids happy while watching the cat(s) play and try to catch the “mouse” as it runs underneath the fabric circle. At least the kids are actually spending time with the cat instead of ignoring poor thing.
Cat’s Meow TV commercial – Implying that your cat will still be interested in the toy.
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I have seen so many As Seen on TV cat toys come and go over the years, and many of them look compelling in the commercial, only to have a flaw that dooms them to the clearance shelf. Will that be the case with Kitty Chase?I saw a commercial for a new interactive cat toy over the weekend. I jotted down the website and then evidently I threw it away by accident. I cannot remember what it is called. I can tell you this, it is almost just like the undercover mouse. The commercial showed that it was 19.99 and if you ordered then you could get a 2nd one free. Does anyone happen to know what that cat toy was called?

Absolutely no idea. Never, ever saw that commercial. Sorry.Perhaps my biggest concern is about the durability of the wire holding the butterflies. We aren’t told what this wire is made from, but it does seem to be a potential area where cats could quickly destroy such a toy. In the commercial, we see the unit attached to a window and a cat pulling on one of the butterflies. How well can it hold up to the rigors of cat play? That is definitely something I’ll be looking for when I see this product. The durability of the butterflies themselves may also be of concern, as there is no way to replace them should they become shredded.These artifacts represent a continuum in the cost of cat playthings. No matter the cost of commercially available toys, a bit of string, or the cap from a beer bottle, still has the same allure to a domesticated feline. ThunderCats toy commercial made by Ljn Toys in the 1980's. With the new toys now on store shelves, including the Tower of Omens playset, it's a perfect opportunity to revisit how the original line of toys were promoted and advertised!

Here is the Cats Lair playset from 1986!

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