Petlinks System Cheese Chaser Remote Controlled Mouse Cat Toy

Petlinks™ Cheese Chaser Mouse and Remote Control Cat Toy | Toys | PetSmart $12.79
Part of the point of interactive toys is to keep your cat in shape. To that end, you can combine play time and meal time by feeding your cat with this treat dispenser that requires them to manipulate the ball in order to free the food within. The openings are adjustable so you can increase or decrease the challenge, and it’s available in four colors: green, blue, orange, and pink. It will hold 2/3 of a cup of try food or treats at a time and is dishwasher safe.
Funny Cat Kitten Pet Teaser Feather Mice Interactive Fun Toy Wire Chaser Wand CA #Unbranded
Petstages Catnip Chaser Cat Toy combines scent and movement for exceptional play. The center component can be filled with catnip and the vents can be open or closed for desired canip scent strength. Non-skid pads on bottom. Funny Cat Kitten Pet Teaser Turkey Feather Interactive Fun Toy Wire Chaser Wand #UnbrandedSPOT Mouse Chase Electronic Cat ToyInteractive Cat Toy Crazy Donut Chase Ball Track with Mouse on Spring Chaser
Cat Charmer is an interactive cat toy designed to charm, not harm. With a clear polycarbonate wand and very colorful fabric, Cat Charmer provides excellent aerobic exercise and is…Mouse Chaser is the motorized cat toy that will keep your cat entertained for hours as it tries to catch the running mouse from every angle. This cordless, battery-operated toy has a money-saving motion-sensor that starts and stops the moving mouse when it senses the motion of your kitty, and a bright red light beam that attracts your cat to play. Mouse Chaser includes a built in scratch pad, too. BOGO plus 2 bonus laser toys with your order. Keep your cat busy and out of trouble with Mouse Chaser.This is the same fun, durable toy as our regular Cat Charmer but this one sports a Holiday outfit of green and red presents. We’ve heard of cat lovers…For chase and fetch play we have three toys called Chasers, RingTail Chasers, Whisker Chasers and BowTie Chasers which are all made from the same cardboard we use on the Cat Dancer and a bit of the fleece used in the Cat Charmer. These ingredients will combine in your cat’s imagination to create irresistible play, chase and fun.But cats and people need variety in their toys, so we designed Cat Charmer which is an unbreakable handle attached to four feet of colorful fleece. The attachment is made with a powerful glue and covered with a rubber collar for safety and holds the fabric to the rod securely, the fabric will tear before the joint lets go and has been tested to over thirty pounds(13.3 kilos). Cat Dancer Products has been around for over 26 years and is staffed by several generations of three families. Unfortunately, most were too shy to have their photo taken for this page for fear of being mobbed by hordes of grateful cats.

One employee who was not shy is Otis, our Corporate Product Tester. This is Otis as he pitched us the idea for the new RingTail Chaser Cat Toy, he was very convincing.

Star Chaser by Bergan – Taking the turbo trac to a higher level, this interactive toy lights up, providing a sturdy cardboard scratching pad along with hours of entertainment for you and your cat.Just like dogs, cats love to chase balls. Sure, they’re pretty simple and you could certainly use any kind at all. They have the added advantage of being highly animated without much input from you or your cat. Especially on non-carpeted floors, you can get a lot of mileage (pun intended) out of a cheap ball. Consider these five options for toy balls for your cat.