For sale some cat tools,mag,track wrench,lights and brackets

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I am attaching pics below that will hopefully show the early Cat Serviceman's box I picked up yesterday at auction. Its an early Blackhawk box (1930-1950'ish I believe) that I picked up for the princely sum of $5 with the intention of flipping to another collector as Blackhawk isnt one of the brands I collect. Needless to say, after the sale when I found the original Cat Serviceman's badge inside, I about pooped myself and instantly decided to keep it. Never thought I'd see one of these early Serviceman's boxes in person, much less own one but here I am. I was able to buy only a few of the original tools, it was a mostly complete kit that was being broken up and most of it brought more than I was willing to pay. I did bring home the 1/2" and 3/8" drive tools tho.
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Several CAT tools are currently for sale with variable discount rates during the ProZ virtual conference, until 30/9 or as long as the stock lasts, so hurry to take this opportunity, if you planned to get yourself geared up ! Construction Attachments & Equipment Work Tools for Sale | Alban CATNew Cat Tools For Sale | Wheeler Machinery Co.Dec 12, 2016 - Cat - Tools for sale