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Using an over the counter spot-on medication that you purchase from your veterinarian, pet store, or online can be a very effective method for controlling both ticks and fleas. These medications are very effective at keeping fleas (and sometimes ticks) at bay for up to a month. While these medications are great, you still need to be very careful about which one you use. Make sure you read all labels carefully. If you have any doubts about treating your cat with a spot-on, be sure to get advice from your veterinarian before application.
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Topical Treatments (applied to your dog’s skin with the product’s built-in applicator) are commonly applied monthly and are popular because they are effective at killing fleas and ticks and can also be purchased in formulas that repel mosquitos and control flea development. Tick Control And Prevention For Dogs CatsZodiac Cat Spot On Plus Flea Tick Control For CatsCat Flea Tick Control Pills Shampoo For Kittens
Y'know who else likes to spend time in the backyard? Those little bloodsucking, parasitic arachnids: Ticks. If you enjoy any of the activities listed above, you may have come in contact with these little suckers. They are a huge pain to deal with once they attach themselves to you or your cat.There are many brands of tick control tablets and spot-applications for dogs and they vary based on the size of the dog as well as other factors like the time for which they remain effective. Most tick control products work like a charm on fleas as well as ticks; others might need additional flea control. Tick control tablets start working in less than 4 hours and remain active for up to a month. Make sure to keep the pet indoors for a few hours after administering the product.
Veterinarian recommended tick collars with Amitraz as the active ingredient can help detach and remove ticks from dogs and cats. Most tick collars come in 25 inches measurement, so if you have smaller pets, simply cut them to size to fit. Win the war against ticks using the tick collars. (Do note that separate flea control might be needed as most Tick collars give no protection against fleas).
For dog owners who want to control both fleas and ticks, another option is . Made by the same company that makes Advantage II, K9 Advantix II contains the same ingredients, plus an additional ingredient called permethrin that kills ticks and mosquitoes. Permethrin is highly toxic to cats, so K9 Advantix II is for use on dogs only. While permethrin is not generally considered harmful to dogs, reviews from dog owners suggest that K9 Advantix II is more likely to cause side effects than either Advantage II or Frontline Plus. Skin irritation is the most common problem, but a few owners describe more serious reactions. Still, K9 Advantix II appears tobe an effective product for treating both fleas and ticks in dogs.Like tick control products for dogs, you can buy tick control for cats in form of oral or topical products. Topical applications could be licked by the pets, so make sure you apply only where the pet cannot reach it. Some methods of tick control are available in form of vials and syringes. Follow the instructions on the label to administer the medicine to your feline. Most tick control remedies work effectively for up to one month after which you need to re-administer it. These not only act as preventive tick control remedies but also work against existing ticks and fleas getting rid of their eggs and larvae. Make sure to repeat application every month for ongoing tick and flea protection.
Fleas and ticks are capable of transmitting infection and disease to pets through a bite. Many pets also suffer from severe allergic reaction to the bites of fleas and ticks. It is imperative that owners prevent these parasites by using one of the many commercially available products that protect pets from fleas and ticks. Our staff and veterinarians will help you choose the correct product based on your pets risk factors and health status.

Our hospital carries a wide variety of flea and tick control products. Our doctors and staff will help you determine which product(s) best suit your pet's needs.

We carry topical flea/tick prevention for cats and dogs and topical tick repellent for dogs, as well as oral flea prevention for dogs. Many of our flea and tick prevention products provide additional benefits, as well, including internal parasite control and even heartworm preventative.