Make Your Own Cat Trees, Towers, and other Cat Structures

This clever structure will give indoor cats a taste of the great outdoors.
Peter Cohen, co-founder of construction company Trillium enterprises, completely remodeled his home after a cat living on his property was killed by a car. Inspired to create a safe haven for his companions, Cohen constructed 150 feet of walkways, tunnels and spiral staircases so that his 18 adopted felines could have an indoor playground. The structures are as fun as they are functional, with walkways that connect to over 20 litter boxes, concealed from sight and smell by closets and fans in the garage. Photo courtesy of Peter Cohen,
Make Your Own Cat Trees, Towers, and other DIY Cat Structures
Provide your cat with endless playtime with the Trixie DreamWorld Murcia Cat Tree. This high-quality tree comes with a durable cat scratch post mounted on top of a plush condo-cave base. Unlike other towering cat trees, the Murcia Cat Tree is set low to the ground, giving it more stability during your cat's scratching time. The Murcia still provides your cat with plenty of height to stretch and claw; at 26.5" tall, this cat scratch post provides plenty of reach for your feline friend to enjoy. Durable sisal fibers cover the entire post; sisal is a natural fiber that can stand up to constant scratching and clawing from your cat. The Trixie DreamWorld Murcia Cat Tree offers plenty of space for lounging as well as scratching. Murcia cat trees feature a triangular condo at the base, giving the entire structure excellent stability. Every surface of the condo is lined in a plush fleece in a luxuriously shiny coal black. Large holes in the walls of the condo provide multiple entryways for your cat. Smaller holes let your feline friend peer out to see what's going on while enjoying the privacy and comfort of his plush condo. No cat tree is complete without that extra special something to keep your furry friend entertained! That's why the Trixie DreamWorld Murcia Cat Tree includes a rotatable pole with pom pom toy on elastic attached to the top of the cat scratch post. Your cat will be able to bat and play with the toy while exercising his essential need to scratch and claw. And on the inside of the plush condo base, your cat will find more toys attached by elastic bands. No matter how your cat uses the Murcia cat tree, he'll always find a great toy to play with and enjoy! Cat Climbing Tree (Mille Makes), with link to construction picturesEar Structure And Function In Cats Cat Owners Veterinary ManualDesign the cat tree or other items to be structurally sound.
Features: -Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included. -Cat tree. Color: -Brown. Frame Material: -Wood. Style (Old): -Traditional. Dimensions: -Base board dimensions: 26"The 3 Tier is the Little cousin of the 4 Tier, yet still provides plenty of space, fun and joy for your feline friend in a compact outdoor activity tree! With three strong and durable platforms for your feline friend to explore to their hearts content, they will be forever grateful when they presented with this beautifully constructive outdoor cat tree that is built to stand the test of time. Due to the low centre of gravity, the 3 Tier holds everything together puufectly and your feline…♥ Cool DIY Cat Stuff ♥ DIY Pinspiration: Wooden crate cat bed and scratching post. No instructions but looks pretty simple... 2 crates, wood posts, rope and a carpet covered base.Choose a branch, exit leaves and build a structure - I had the chance to find a small dead olive tree. Cats like high-altitude-platforms, so I decided to ...With his recent post , John confirmed that it's a cat's world, we just live in it. The post inspired us to compile more examples of awesome cat towers/condos, cat climbing structures, and cat houses that we can find on the great wide Web.When you start looking for cat furniture you will find there are plenty of models on pet market nowadays. The selection is so large and sometimes confusing, and you should consider the needs of your cat and have to make choice based on quality and price of the product. Learn how to select the right furniture for kitty considering her personality, body size and difference in constructions and material used with items []