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Ramps and Stairs 116389: Wooden Carpeted Pet Ramp Dog Or Cat 40 BUY IT NOW ONLY: $40.0
Cat stairs, cat steps or pet steps can help your cat, small pet, or elderly pet reach higher areas that they could not reach otherwise, such as a bed, for example. We offer a variety of cat stairs, cat steps and pet stairs, as well as cat ramps and pet ramps, in various heights and models, many allowing you to customize carpet color to match your decor.
Ramps and Stairs 116389: Five Step For Dog Or Cat. Pet Steps. BUY IT NOW ONLY: $99.99
We offer only the best Pet Steps and Stairs to fit all ages, sizes, and agility levels. Used by cats and dogs for beds, sofas, chairs, cars, trucks, vans, decks, doggy doors and many other places. If they are physically able to climb normal stairs, some dogs prefer the stability and familiarity of pet steps which often require less space than ramps to reach the same height. For help determining whether Pet Ramps or Pet Stairs will work best for your dog or cat, please read our resource guide: Ramps and Stairs 116389: Five Step For Dog Or Cat. Pet Steps. BUY IT NOW ONLY: $99.99Ramps and Stairs 116389: Five Step For Dog Or Cat. Pet Steps. BUY IT NOW ONLY: $99.9918-46cm-Handmade-Carpeted-Wood-Pet-Ramp-Steps-Stairs-for-Dogs-or-Cats More
Cat Steps, Cat Stairs and Cat Ramps are fast becoming an indispensable aid for concerned owners who value their cats' independence. Cat stairs are useful not only for elderly or infirm cats but for the little creatures that can not reach their favourite pThis is our selection of pet stairs. Here you will find pet step stairs with 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 6 steps. With different width and number of steps, our ramps are suitable for kittens, small and average cats and even for small dogs. They will help your pets reach their favorite places and will provide great entertainment for them. Some of the pet stairs have a footprint similar to that of household stairs and can support even the largest dogs.wants to show our respect for our Senior Citizens. Senior Sunday is a great time for our Seniors to save 10% off pet supplies. Shop for Paws carries a huge selection of pet supplies including cat and dog beds, pet stairs and ramps, pet tRoyal Ramps foam is also weight rated. Large dogs can use the stairs and ramps just as successfully as smaller animals. In fact, one of the quality assurance tests employed is for people to walk on the stairs without damaging them. This design standard is so important because for many animals, those with health conditions or who are older, a supportive surface that will not sink due to weight application is necessary. Sinking may cause pets to lose their balance, and be unable to climb up or down the stairs without risk of tripping or falling. Sinking foam also places unnecessary or even dangerous pressure on joints. This weight rating then offers safety and security, and is recommended by veterinarians.With that in mind, some cat owners will prefer to start with steps and then advance to a ramp later on - and others will go directly to ramps when the need first arises. Cats love both the Pet Steps and ramps, so your decision should be based on current age, overall health and ability, life expectancy and the financial impact of purchasing multiple products (steps, then ramps) versus a single solution for life (ramps). Just when you thought they couldn't get any better! Our NEW free-standing Pet Classics Bed Ramps for Dogs and Cats are now constructed of solid Eastern Red Oak or Maple; and they still feature our signature tapered leg platforms with roomy, level landings at the top to make it easy for your dog or cat to step on and off their pet ramp. These quality hardwood bed ramps for pets are 24 or 29 inches high (12″ or 16″ wide) and are available with three different slopes. The incline options are designed to fit the unique requirements of dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and agility levels and they all support up to 200 lbs. Our beautiful, uniquely designed select oak and maple indoor dog and cat ramps are made with care in the USA. To learn more about our pet ramp incline options, please read .