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Sometimes cats see other cats outside that we dont see. Or they may smell them near to the house. This is often the reason a cat that has not sprayed before begins. Watch carefully out the window and look at your doors and patio doors. you can often see calling cards left at about cat level. If you cant discourage the visitors, block the view where they visit the house. Good luck
Watch while Courtnie (a real consumer) explains how FELIWAY® helped stop her cat Simon from spraying urine in her house.
My male cat Dean has been neutered and for the last couple of months, since the start of spring, he keeps spraying at the front door on the inside of the house. My husband has noticed another male cat that likes to sit on the other side of our front door and also spray. We have a neighbor a few houses down that keeps allowing their female to have multiple litters of kittens thus attracting all of these tomcats and forcing Dean to stake his claim inside the house. Question: Removing Cat Spray Odor Inside the HouseMay 17, 2009 - My two year old neutered male cat also has been spraying inside the houseIf the neighbor's cat can't get in, he can't spray inside the house.
To stop your cat from spraying inside the house, you need to understand what's the root of the problem. A visit to the vet might be in order. He will be able to look at the problem closely and figure out whether Kitty needs medication to treat an underlying condition. Special cleaning products and home modifications also go a long way to stop the behavior.Many cats spray inside the house when they're stressed, or during times of conflict -- for example, when you introduce a new pet into the house, move to a new residence, get married or have a baby. Identifying the source of stress will help you decide how to deal with it.Whether your cat is spayed/neutered or not, there could be an underlying condition that's causing him to spray inside the house. To stop the spraying, you might need to enlist your vet's help to diagnose and treat the problem. For example, cats who refuse to use the litter box often suffer from or inflammation, and sometimes from bladder infection. One common characteristic of these infections is the urge to urinate very frequently, which means your cat might end up spraying different surfaces because he can't reach the litter box on time.Is your cat urine marking every corner of your house? The smell alone in disturbing, not to mention the sight of a cat positioning his bottom against the wall and spraying a burst of urine on your new curtains or wallpaper.Click Here :

If you really want to stop cat spraying inside house, you have to know what is the root cause for that spraying problem. There are several reasons why your pet spraying in the house. You can get the cat fixed. This is the number one solution for stopping the cat from spraying. This will stop the issue in 78% of cases. In 9%, it will stop in two months and unfortunately, 13% will not stop.

This is a proven step-by-step programme guaranteed to stop your cat peeing outside its litter box. You’ll discover how to use your cat’s own instincts to stop the problem. Keep watching to find out why this behavior occurs and what you can do about it.

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do all cats sprayMy two year old neutered male cat also has been spraying inside the house. We have cleaned the whole house with biological washing powder and then when the clean areas are dry, with water and surgical spirits as advised by our vet. However, after 3 days he is spraying around the house again. Can you advise about what you said about the testosterone levels - how would we check if this was the problem? The vet didn't seem to think there could possibly be a physical cause. He was quite sharp and dismissive towards us when we asked his advice. He put the problem down to a neighbours cat coming into the house when the back door is open. We do 'shoo' the cat away when we see him but we are not there all of the time so this is difficult.