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I can find tiny sparkle balls, and huge sparkle balls. I can find sparkle balls that fall apart quickly. These are the only sparkle balls that not only last but are the right size -- just about 1 1/2 inches. These are the ones my cat likes to "catch" and carry around in his mouth like a dead mouse. Unfortunately, they're out of stock at the moment, but as soon as they're back, I'm buying more.
Rimobul Assorted Color Sparkle Balls My Cat’s All Time Favorite Toy – 1.5″ – 20 Pack
Whoa! TW got flashbacks just looking out that airport window. She’s not ready to go to Phoenix. Concats on the Finals. I should send you the sparkle balls I have. TW won’t let me play with them cos she sez they’re dangerous. Huh? Another adventure! So red is the new blue? Those sparkle balls are a huge hit for caged shelter cats.Rimobul Assorted Color Sparkle Balls My Cat's All Time Favorite Toy, 20 Piece ** Additional details found at the image link : Cat toysCat Toy Sparkle Balls
Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are a number of types of toys that may be hazardous to your cat, and today IMPS wants to bring "sparkle balls" to the attention of pet parents.Unlike hair balls, cats may or may not vomit up an ingested sparkle ball. If they do not, the cat's internal systems treat the sparkle ball as food, moving it through the digestive system until... it gets stuck.So what is the problems with sparkle balls? Principally ingestion of the toy. Though it is possible a cat may only be interested in pulling off the 'sparkles,' there are numerous cases of cats swallowing an entire sparkle ball.Why do cats swallow things like string, pacifiers, sparkle balls, and others? We can blame it on curiosity and naughty-ness….BUT they really can’t help it sometimes! Anyone that has been licked by a cat knows that sand-papery feel of their dry tongue. Their tongues are covered in small backward-facing hooks that assist with grooming, eating, and hunting. This surface practically forces them to swallow things like strings and other objects when they get to a certain point in their mouth. Never put is past any cat to swallow something. Seek medical help if your cat is showing any similar signs to Teddy Bear.An intestinal blockage caused by a sparkle ball is likely to require surgery to remove the toy, assuming the symptoms are correctly identified. Pet parents with sick pets do not always consider that a toy may be the source. As sparkle balls are usually sold in packages containing up to a dozen balls, owners may not even notice that one is missing and now a potential cause of their cat's illness. Symptoms of an intestinal blockage may not manifest for a day or longer, further complicating a diagnosis of why your cat is not well.These lightweight sparkle balls as we call them can be called glitter balls, tinsel balls, and other names. No matter what they are called your cat will love to toss, chase, bat these cat toys around. These are a bit larger than the original which makes tham even harder to swallow.Cats are attracted to anything bright, shiny, and colorful. These sparkle balls w/ feathers do just that. Every time your cat hits the ball it rattles. The feathers are an extra attraction. This toy is great fun for cats of all ages.Our cats won't play with anything else! The problem is, they disappear. Our two cats must have a secret stash somewhere and we can't find it. We have over three dozen of these balls in the house somewhere, but we can't find them. Only five are accounted for,

These balls hold together very well, unlike the sparkle balls you can buy in craft stores. We can't recommend these toys highly enough. We've even given them away as gifts to other cat owning friends, and they are amazed at their cats reaction.