Problems with Silica Gel Cat Litter

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As with any new cat litter it is very important to introduce it gradually. Cats are not excited about litter changes so whenever introducing any new cat litter it is recommended that you incorporate some portion of the old litter to encourage cat’s trial. It may even be best to incorporate some clumps of waste or used litter from the currently used box during the first couple days. A 50% new on bottom / 50% old on top mix best for the first month gradually stirring the litters to mix and let the cat get used to the texture and sounds of the new litter. By the time you get to the start of month 2 the silica gel litter should be the only litter in the box with complete cat acceptance. You may also find it helpful to place the cat in the box after changing to pearls and comfort them into trying the texture and sound. Pearls may have more sound as they shift as the cat walks.
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We do not recommend flushing litter into sewers or septic systems, but if you are flushing the feces removed from the litter box into your septic tank and a few silica gel crystals adhere to feces it is acceptable to flush these down the toilet, as they will break down as they absorb moisture. The State of California prohibits the flushing of cat feces in toilets or putting cat feces in storm drains or outdoor gutters. hot sale NEON Clumping Silica Gel Cat LitterNEON Clumping Silica Gel Cat Litter durable servicelow-cost NEON Clumping Silica Gel Cat Litter
Silica gel is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic, and offers an excellent capacity for physical and chemical dehumidification because of its phenomenal ability to absorb moisture and gases, chemical stability, wide surface area and higher mechanical strength. Silica gel is a safe substance most commonly used to absorb excess moisture in flowers and food or to protect materials such as leather or computer equipment from humidity. It is easy to handle and silica gel saturated with moisture can be reused following evaporation.Silica gel is a granular, porous form of silica made synthetically from sodium silicate. Despite the name, . Amazing Cat Litter is 100% silica gel crystals. The superior adsorption properties of 100% silica gel crystals make it the best odor control cat litter.Silica Gel Used as Cat Litter Among it’s many productive uses, Silica gel is also used as cat litter, by itself or in combination with more traditional forms of cat litter (such as clay or bentonite.) It is trackless and odorless. 100% silica gel crystals are used as a cat litter competing with traditional, less efficient litters. Silica gel can adsorb more urine than clay, clumping and scooping litters as it is a superior desiccant compared to other litters. Many cat litter manufacturers mix silica gel crystals with their clay litters calling it a “blend” of crystals, but 100% silica gel crystals provides superior adsorption of cat urine, eliminating urine odors and providing the best management of cat litter pan odors. Chemical Formula SiO2 (Silica Gel) Trade name/Synonym : Silica gel Molecular weight: 60.08 Boiling point: 2230 Melting point: 1610Another benefit of crystal litter is the fact that owners will useless crystal litter than traditional clay litters. Crystal litter isalso sold in smaller bags than traditional clay litters, which may be adeciding factor for cat owners who are limited in the amount of weightthey can lift. Some silica gel litters are flushable and biodegradable.Silica gel is composed of silica dioxide sand, oxygen and water. Thegel is made up of tiny pores that absorb 40 times their weight inliquid. Most of us recognize silica gel as those little “dessicant—donot eat” packets that come with medications, cameras, shoes and otheritems that could be damaged by moisture buildup. Now silica gel isbeing used in cat litter boxes, thanks to the efforts of brothers Danand Russell Schlueter, who began marketing silica gel cat litter in1999.1. Always start with a clean, dry litter box large enough to accommodate your cat(s). 2. Add Priority Total Pet Care Silica Gel Crystals Cat Litter to a litter box to an approximate depth of 1.5 to 2 inches. 3. Scoop out all waste daily. 4. Thoroughly stir the Priority Total Pet Care Silica Gel Crystals Cat Litter with a scoop daily. This action will distribute and absorb liquid waste faster and extend the life of the product. 5. Clean the litter box with warm water and a mild detergent between complete litter changes. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.