using lift and sift cat litter boxes for wool cleaning

 So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box Liners, 30 count
Rather than scoop the litter box, Sift Away allows cat owners to clean it by lifting the top tray and sifting through the litter. The trays nest together to become a solid litter box, but its slotted design catches clumps while letting litter fall through when taken apart.
Hagen CatIt SmartSift Litter Box
I purchased this in April and finally got it in August. It is the worse cat box I have ever used!!! It is so much trouble and ridiculous to use! My cats make 10 times more mess even with the cover. You basically cannot move it at all or else the slits shift and cat litter spews all over. They are wrong in saying the sides keep you from turning it the wrong way when you have litter in it and trying to put the one on the bottom it doesn’t work because of the weight. Plus everything sticks to the sides and good luck getting the litter clumps out of the slits!! GIANT PAIN to clean every single time you sift! They gave me all kinds of rules and steps to follow when I complained. Only used it for 2 months and couldn’t take it anymore went back to my old box with a liner HELLO easy! They also would not even consider giving me my money back!!! So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box Liners, 30 countSo Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box Liners, 30 countHagen CatIt SmartSift Litter Box
I have tried several different methods of cleaning my cats' litter box. From a three-piece sifting pan(messy), to a Littermaid automatic sifter(more trouble than it's worth), to an ...This litter box makes life so easy! I use it for my indoor cat. He is always very picky about using a litter box that has potty in it. So this one makes life super easy. Sift dump and done!For more info on the SmartSift:

The Hagen Catit SmartSift Cat Litter Box automatically sifts through a simple and innovative lever system. Simply pull the lever once a day and waste will be separated from usable litter and moved into a separate waste bin. At the end of the week, simply pull out the waste bin and easily pull out the bag. Litter clean up has never been so easy and sanitary.If you like the idea of a self-cleaning litter box but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an automatic model, the Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter Pan might be a good choice. This litter pan consists of two parts – a traditional litter pan and a sifting pan that fits into it. All you do is put the two pieces together and then fill the pan with your choice of litter. When it comes time to clean the box, simply lift the sifter pan up, allowing the clean litter to fall through the holes into the litter pan beneath. Then, just throw away the clumps that remain in the sifter pan. Not only does the sifter pan make cleaning the litter box easier than ever, but it adds some height to the pan to reduce spillage and gives your cat an added degree of privacy. Best of all, this Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter Pan is eco-friendly, made from 20% recycled content, and it costs under $20.The fact that your cat will do his business in a litter box instead of on your kitchen floor is great, but you still have to clean the box. Unless, of course, you buy a self-cleaning litter box. Self-cleaning litter boxes come in a variety of styles from manual options to electronic options. The way most self-cleaning litter boxes work is that they have a built-in sensor that detects when your cat uses the box. Then, after a predetermined amount of time (long enough for the waste to form a clump), the litter box rakes or sifts itself to remove the clumps. The clumps are stored in a separate compartment that you can line with a plastic bag for easy clean-up. Self-cleaning litter boxes are great for multi-cat households because you don’t have to worry about clumps building up.Self-cleaning litter boxes employ technology that automates the litter box emptying procedure. Some models have electric combing mechanisms that automatically scoop the clumps out of the litter box into a sealed, disposable-bag-lined container after the animal has used it. These models use a pressure pad or an infrared light to determine when the cat has left the box and will comb the box after so many minutes have passed, to avoid disturbing the cat. Other designs take this further, and connect directly to a home's plumbing (faucet connection and drain) so they can wash, rinse and dry the permanent litter pellets automatically. Simpler designs exist, for example, some require the owner to manually shake the clumps into an easy-to-remove tray. Another variant has an enclosed sphere which rotates as it sifts out the clumps and deposits them in a drawer below the sphere. A new method involves incorporating sifting functionality within a sifting litter liner.