This shampoo is medicated with antiseptic and antifungal ingredients.

Nov 30, 2016 - An ideal cat shampoo will have all natural ingredients, safe for consumption
This one’s a little tricky as there are organic ingredients which your cat can be allergic to. Also, even if it’s organic, the formulation is still best suited for human use and not for your pet. It might clean their fur nicely, but frequent use might do more damage than good. This is an option, however, should you ever run out of shampoo for your pet and haven’t the time to get them a new bottle just yet. Do make sure you look through the ingredients first and make sure that it doesn’t contain anything which might make your cat ill.
Advantage, For, Kills, Repels, Active ingredient(s). Treatment Shampoo, Cats 12 weeks and older, Fleas, ticks, -, Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, and MGK 264
You might not think that there is any difference between the two at all, but this is certainly not the case. For the most part, shampoos are species based—they cater specifically to the needs of whoever might be using them. Do a quick check right now and grab your shampoo bottle and that of your furry friend’s. Just reading through the labels, you’ll notice the nuances between the two. Even the ingredients would be different. Aug 30, 2011 - If you use a dog shampoo that contains ingredients for combating fleas, you may put your cat at riskThe all-natural blend of ingredients in our shampoo provides cooling relief from the first application.Apr 21, 2016 - Learn whether dog shampoo is safe on cats, what ingredients to look for, and which brand of shampoo is safest.
Fleabites cause allergic reactions that can cause severe irritation and itching to the cat. Most of the flea shampoos contain a mild ingredient, which kills the fleas fast, but are not effective for long time. Many flea products cannot be used on young kittens which are less than 6 weeks of age. Check the warnings written on the products before using them.To provide relief to the cat from seasonal allergies or mild skin irritation, clean the cat in a soothing shampoo. The shampoos preventing itching contains oatmeal, aloe or teat tree oil. Other shampoos may contain medicinal ingredients such as coal tar, hydrocortisone or antihistamines.The cat shampoos having natural smell and oils are very useful as they contain organic properties in their ingredients. Papaya and coconut serve as the best moisturizer for dry skin of the cat. For the pleasant scent, kiwi and citrus are used. To prevent the cat’s skin from irritation, use aloe and oatmeal.Cats are naturally fastidious groomers and any cat shampoothat you use will need to take this into account. If you use a shampoo with unnatural ingredients, your cat may be swallowing those ingredientsthe next time she gives herself a bath. So, often a homemade shampoo with natural ingredients is best. Conditioners are used for the cats having medium to long coats in order to keep their fur soft and without a twist. If there are mats or meshes in the cat’s fur, they should be removed with proper mat combs or brushes. Conditioners have the scents, oils and natural ingredients like the shampoos. Some types of conditioners are applied in small amount on the smooth silky coat while the others are applied and washed like the shampoos. Gently comb the coat until it is tangle free and dry it gently after applying a conditioning wash.A homemade shampoo is gentler, better for the environment and may also be cheaper than a store bought shampoo. Using simple, readily available ingredients you can keep your cat clean and smelling good all the time.