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Cats are notorious for having their own minds and liking things to be their own idea. Manhandling their paws is usually a no-no in the eyes of most cats and will likely result in avoidance of the scratching post. An exception to this might be a very young kitten. They often can be shown how to use a scratching post in this manner, especially if you don't have an older cat in the home to demonstrate. Play, as described above, also tends to work great with kittens.
Give your cat a scratching good time with the Merry Pet Cat Scratcher Bed!
The fabulous NEW SkratchKabin™ - a place to sleep and scratch! The SkratchKabin™ the KatKabin® cat scratching furniture provides your cat with a warm, cosy place to sleep, together with a curved, textured scratching surface. This innovative cat bed cat scratcher design gives your fabulous feline the chance to relax and exercise his natural instincts to scratch - while helping to ensure your sofas and soft furnishings are saved from claw damage. The SkratchKabin™ is available in 3 gorgeous colors and comes complete with a machine washable KatKushion, a FREE toy hanger and a FREE sisal mouse. Now available! Features
Irresistible curved, textured scratching surface helps to protect your furniture, carpets and curtains from claw damage
Helps to keep your cats from furniture by providing them with a cosy place of their own to sleep and hide
Stylish design to complement any interior
Washable KatKushion supplied as standard
Free toy hanger and free sisal mouse
Overall dimensions: L: 20" (51cm) x W: 16" (41cm) x H: 13" (32cm)
Internal dimensions: L: 16" (40cm) x W: 15" (38cm) x H: 11" (28cm)
Door opening: W: 6.5" (16cm) x H: 7" (17.5cm) 4CLAWS Mess Free Round Scratching Bed 14' - DELUXE Collection Cat Scratcher -- Learn more by visiting the image link.Wine crate cat bed and sisal scratching post! Saw one on Pinterest and decide to make my own. Courtney Delogesolution to the cat scratch holes in the corners of couches. placemat from bed bath and beyond and upholstery tacks.
Cactus Scratching Post,Diy Cat Scratching Post Towers,Pets Cats Diy,Pet Cats,Cats Bed,Diy For Cats,Catio Ideas For Cats,Diy Cat Play,Cat Diy Toy Not only does this stylish cat bed include a plush 11.5" x 23.5" x 1" cushion and a nearly 20" x 20" scratching surface, it also features holes in the cushion's platform to provide air flow from floor vents. Now your cat can enjoy a heated or cooled bed without obstructing a vent's air flow into the room. Plus, make a design statement by replacing the sisal pad with a designer carpet square, sold separately.
The A-Frame Cat Bed from The Refined Feline combines attractive features for both you and your favorite feline. Part comfortable bed, part durable scratcher, the A-Frame doubles as a beautiful end table.DIY CAT BED / SCRATCHER PAD :: Corregated Cat Scratcher & Bed Tutorial :: Made from a box, a toilet paper roll, some fabric & glue. Click for the how-to & pics. | #catbed #diycatbed #diycatscratcherDoes your cat love to scratch everything in the house? Are your drapes and furniture starting to look a little shabby but not chic? It may be a little bit ironic, but your cat will LOVE lounging on this long, low dog-shaped scratching bed! The friendly dog pattern adds a whimsical touch to your home décor, and the durable honeycomb surface on top feels like tree bark, which is one of most cats’ favorite textures to scratch! There are two cat scratch pad sizes available: Small and Large. The Cool Dog Cat Scratch Bed is made to last, handmade from recycled paper, so it’s an eco-friendly product too!A perfect Christmas gift for your cat! A Christmas wrapper decorated scratcher that is made exclusively from recycled paper in full solidarity with the campaign to reduce waste. It has a wide honeycomb surface which a texture that cats like naturally as it mimics the feel of a tree bark. The contoured surface makes it ideal for lounging which is an added benefit for your cats. This design and scratching surface will make it easier for your pets to look away from your home furnishings. The bed is 20.5" long and is large enough for a small or medium size cat.