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Carpeted cat tree – All cat feels more alive if you can go up and down, climb, snoozing in a tree house … But no trees, it touches sharpen your wits. Having determined the size and shape of the cat flap, draw on paper a sketch of what you want to do, and establishes a logical steps. Then cut the boards with a circular saw, to adapt them to the extent you have chosen for the platforms. If you’re short of ideas, you can be inspired by the photographs in this post or visit our section scrapers.
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We love all of the Cat Tree House products and think its wonderful they have so many beautiful scratching options to help keep our cats happy and healthy! We were lucky enough to win a cat tree from your anniversary giveaway and my gang of seven will be giving their pawtastic review within the next week or so! Cat Scratch Post Cat Tree Corner Scratching Pole Cubby House 7 Level 130cmCat Scratching Post 5 Level 155cm Height Cat Tree Scratching Pole with Cubby HouseCat Tree 120cmx73 Multi Level Kitten Furniture Scratching Pole Climbing Post House Blue $70
Cat trees vary in height with cats preferring ones that are tall enough to allow them to see everything in their environment to smaller ones that cats use as beds, hideaways, and playhouses. Cat trees are usually constructed of wood and then covered with or a similar fabric that encourages and allows a cat to scratch. Cat trees are often used specifically to prevent scratching and lounging on other household items. Cat trees may contain other desirable items to encourage scratching such as rope, and cat toys. When is a cat tree REALLY a cat tree? When it LOOKS just like a real tree! Some of our most popular cat tree styles are those that look like real cat trees. We offer a great selection of trees of two different types, both of which resemble real, live trees. First, our trees from Pet Tree Houses come as small as a simple cat scratching tree, to the 7 foot Large Cat Tree. Yes, the trees are real, and the branches are skillfully decorated with silk leaves. This provides a natural scratching post for your cat. Crafted of wood, cedar, plush carpeting and synthetic silk leaves,...You cannot find a real cat tree with leaves at the local pet store? Neither could we, and that’s how Pet Tree Houses came to be.

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They are real when the trees are handcrafted from the finest quality real trees, left in their true nature, and embellished with silk foliage to provide a life-like audible and visual experience. Our real cat tree with leaves is designed to focus on your cat’s true nature, bringing out your cat’s primal instincts. This method helps reduce captive stress and encourages your cat to stretch and scratch on the gnarled branches, bark, lichen and all.Make one special photo charms for your pets, 100% compatible with your Pandora bracelets. New Cat Tree 47 Level Condo Furniture Scratching Post Pet House Brown$79.99-$299.00 GoPetClub Cat Furniture Tree Condo House Scratcher Post F2050 - GoPetClub produces pet products and simply offer the widest variety of cat furniture on the market. With our own manufacturer we carry exclusive design cat trees and pet related products that make us a one stop pet supply marketplace. Description Overall Size : 42"W x 26"L x 72"H Base Board Size : 23.5"W x 23.5"L Siz ...- cat toys :)">Call us crazy but I guess my husband and I will find any excuse to come up with a new project:) Last week a tiny kitten came to our porch crying. We found out that the neighbor threw him outside during the storm :( We decided to keep him for a day or 2 and find him and new home. However, our doggies just fell in love with little Charlie. Of course we did too!!!! We always had dogs only and we really had nothing for the little kitten. First we made a dog- proof litter box! That was definitely #1 on our to do list because our 3 dogs can't keep their noses ( and mouths-gross!) away from the litter box. But that project only involved a large plastic container and a knife so it was quite boring. Well Sunday morning I was doodling some things and decided that I wanted to "design" cat "tree house"/ scratching post. My drawing was pretty bad but my husband got the idea- it was time to get some materials and get to work! :)