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SmartyKat TreeTop Scratch 'n Sleep Tower * Startling review available here : Cat scratching post
61' HIDING CAT TREE Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post Kitty cat House Play Furniture Sisal Pole, Ladder Stairs and Hammock (Beige) by HIDING * If you love this, read review now : Cat Tree and Tower
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Grreat Choice™ Cozy Inn Cat Tower - 79.99 PetSmart 20”L x 17”W x 54”H size. great 3 scratch surfaces: sisal, rug, wood and two wonderful cat perches! #cat tree #cat perch Scratch Tower Modern Cardboard Cat Scratching Tower from Moderncat StudioLadder cat tower scratching post MoreLadder cat tower scratching post More
Catswall Design Sculpted CatScraper Tower, 16' by 16' by 37', Natural Pine ** Additional details at the pin image, click it : Cat scratching postIf you have a spare room that you need to Catify, check out these incredible cat towers from Korean company . They’re actually more like complete jungle gyms, with platforms, ramps, scratchers, hideaways, and exercise wheels. It looks like you can customize them to include anything you want.If you have some feline scratchers in your home but do not have space for a large wide tower, then this furniture is good for you. It features a clever design that allows having high platforms and perches standing stable on not so large base. The tower comes with a inclined scratching board and eight sisal wrapped posts for intensive exercises and scratching, multiple levels for your cat to play on, a nest-hammock and bed on top for snuggling and cozy cubby for relaxing after hours of play. Entire cat scratch tower is covered in soft plush fabric for your feline’s comfort.Last week I showed you the new door-hanging cardboard scratcher from Moderncat Studio, and this week we have another exciting new design to share with you: . Also designed in collaboration with the team at , The Scratch Tower is a huge hit at my house. We’ve been testing prototypes for months and this thing is definitley a cat magnet.>> Cat Furniture Definitions: Cat Condos vs. Cat Trees vs. Cat Towers
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>> Cat Furniture Definitions: Cat Condos vs. Cat Trees vs. Cat Towers
So there’s a rarely mentioned issue in the cat furniture world so I assume there must be some kind of taboo about it. Today I’m going to step on some toes and outline loose differences between Cat Condos, Cat Trees and Cat Condos. These are my own definitions.The Scratch Tower is a freestanding cardboard scratcher, unlike any other scratcher on the market. Just like Wave, The Scratch Tower is held together with compression instead of adhesives, so you can easily replace and recycle the cardboard when it becomes worn. This also allows you to change the configuration of the cardboard pieces to create an endless number of geometric, sculptural designs. You can try different configurations until you find just the right design that suits both you and your cat. And if one area of the cardboard gets worn out, simply rearrange the pieces so kitty can keep on scratching, although the cardboard we used is extremely durable and mine hasn’t shown signs of wear yet, even with repeated scratching.Cats are great pets and companions, but they like to scratch home furniture. Easy to make, interesting and cheap cat towers will help keep your cats off home furniture.19' HIDING CAT TREE Small Sisal Scratching Post Furniture Playhouse Pet Bed Kitten Toy Cat Tower Condo for Kittens (Beige) by HIDING >>> See this great image : Cat tower