Full meow perfect DJ Dream: Cat Scratch DJ disk

Cat scratch fever! Get ready to film your next viral video… Cats as DJ’s = 1 MILLION HITS
We can always tell when someone with a sense of humor comes into our little shop. They invariably stop to laugh at the Cat Scratch DJ! Yes, even those awful dog lovers will chuckle at the photo of the serious cat mixing it up
Cat scratching post DJ table. Make your cat look ridiculous while he scratches out some sick jams.
Cardboard DJ turntable scratching cat toy.
Cool for cats! You love your kitty, but you hate him scratching the furniture, give your pet something good to get his claws into... Like a cardboard turntable with moving tone arm and a top which spins as your cat paws at it! Now watch your cat DJ instead of tearing up the furniture. SUCK UK Cat Scratch DJ Deck design inspiration on Fab. HILARIOUS!Cat-Scratch-Dj-Decks-Cat-Playhouse-Diy-Cardboard-Model-Pet-Fun-Novelty-PlayDJ Cat Scratch is giving out that Friday fever like temptations cat treats
If Deadmau5 would have a cat, it would surely be rocking one of these. Cat Scratch DJ is a cardboard mixing deck shaped cat scratching mat. It features a spinning deck, a posable tone arm, and kitty DJ stickers. Your cat NEEDS this! is a new cat scratch pad that lets cats realize their dreams of being the next big DJ sensation. The deck even spins when the cat uses it. Now the only thing separating your cat and DJ Pauly D is a tan and a gravity-defying haircut.I wanted to give my ultra-cool cat a gift, but what do you get for the cool cat who has everything? A DJ Scratch deck. It was easy to put together and he is moderately interested in it. As demonstrated by his having begun using the deck for occasional tugging of the claws instead of my carpets or furniture.The above is a video of a cat rather angrily playing with the DJ Cat Scratch Pad – this is proof that, despite the fact it is made entirely of wood and cardboard, it is structurally sound. (Remember that isn’t a desk toy, and that you can’t bring your cat to work. YES, some of you needed to be reminded.) Yes, you need to assemble it when it comes in the mail, but assembly is easy and the product comes with a great instruction manual that makes putting the DJ Cat Scratch Pad together very simple.This cat scratch pad is great for people looking for Fathers Day gifts, since tons of dads like cats, and for those adorable kitties who need to stretch their muscles and use their claws. (Hint for cat owners who know nothing about cats: all cats need to scratch things, and if you don’t want your couch to be in shreds, get the DJ Cat Scratching Pad.) The arm of the turntable is posable, and the actual turntable spins like a real one! No, it doesn’t make any music, but listening to your cat make horrible music for hours on end wouldn’t be pleasant, so I see this as a benefit.Help your kitty satisfy his natural urge to scratch — get it, scratch — with the DJ Cat deck ($35 at ), a cardboard scratching post complete with moveable arm and spinning top.Sure. Cat scratchers are great for your cat. Not only do they give your cat something other than your antiques to shred, it gives them exercise and stretches important muscles. And lots of people across the globe are content to give their precious ones just any old thing to scratch on. Then there are people who demand more hilarity from their cats. That's where the Cat Scratch DJ comes in.To see how cats take to the Scratch turntable, check out the video below. They say that curiosity kills the cat, but in this instance, curiosity makes them inadvertently DJ.