Cat Scratching Couch or Chair Arm Protection. via Etsy.

Cat Scratching Couch or Chair Arm Protection. via Etsy.
Enter the Furniture Protector Cat Scratchers by Kool Kitty Toys. These patent-pending scratchers are cleverly designed to protect furniture. The scratcher slides under the leg of a chair, couch, table, or other piece of furniture and turns the corner of the piece into a scratching post.
Cat Scratching Couch or Chair Arm Protection by ThePracticalCat
I have two indoor cats, several cat scratching posts with catnip on them and my newly re-covered 5 piece sectional couch is still being scratched by them! What in the world can I do to protect it from them? I scold the cats and behind my back they still periodically scratch it! I know someone sells... This is a great idea! Cat Scratching Couch or Chair Arm Protection by ThePracticalCat, $25.00Reversible Furniture Protector... Protect new couch from scratchy cat/dogHow to protect your couch corners from being a cat scratching post. I will be doing this for my next couch!
Cat Scratch Protection on Any Couch Sofa or Chair Works for Leather and Upholstered Furniture 2 Scratching Guards Included Scratching Deterrent Deter Cats Prevent Scratches Made in USA (18"x6")Furniture Defender Cat Scratching Guard - Two Guards Per Package - (18"L x 5.5"W) - Furniture Protectors - Best Protection from Pets Scratching or Clawing Your Sofa, Couch, Chair or Other Upholstered Furniture - Made in USACouch Corner Cat Scratching Post! 18 Inches tall 10 inch by 10 inch base Hand stained ebony with protective clear coat Ebony color pretty closely matches IKEA black wood grain furniture (ask if youd like a different stain color) This scratching post fits the corner of most couches. Its held down by the feet of the couch resting on its base. *Note: The base is 10 inches deep, make sure the foot of your couch will rest inside that area for this to hold down properly We have three cats in…Cats can be reconditioned in 6 months or less with this option. Make sure to use removable double sided tape that has lighter adhesive and test it out on a small area of your furniture first to see how it affects the fabric before you go all out and put it everywhere. is a double sided tape made specifically for this use and is generally safe for most furniture. Some other cat scratch furniture protectors are vinyl pieces you cat attach to the corners of a couch.Pretty throws could work on the couch, maybe just draped over one cushion. Or even a cat bed. You'll have to keep putting them in the right spot for awhile and spray them when they go to an unprotected area. Wipe off the furniture with a damp sponge to collect a lot of the fur. As far as the scratching, put lots of posts around. There are sprays for furniture that can discourage them from scratching but I haven't found any that work really well. I keep my couch against the wall with tables, etc. on each side. They can only get close to the front. Put something under the seat cushions that will drape down and cover the front/bottom of the couch. I'd start doing some of this while you still have the old furniture, if it's not too late. Other than the suggestions we've all given, the only other option is having them declawed. There's a lot of controversy over this, but we brought them into our homes, and we'll never be able to get rid of their natural instincts. That's asking too much. So declaw if nothing else works for you and remember that we've already domesticated them so much that a little more isn't that bad. Our Corner Furniture Protector is a great piece if your don't want to buy a new couch! This scratching post for cats is one of our hottest items because of the savings you get. This is one of our best scratching post for cats because of its purpose. Save the furniture and allow your cat to use their natural instinct to scratch. Once the piece has the cats scent on it you can move the furniture anywhere you want and your cat will follow.

This corner furniture protector is a great training tool and save the $1000 sofa or chairs at the same time. Buy one for each problem area your cat is scratching because this is the best cat post on the market we believe. Our corner furniture protector is made out of solid wood, high grade house carpet, screw, nails and staples thats it. We do not use adhesive or glue because it is toxic for your kitty.

Overall Size :15" W x 15" L x 19"H
Base Size :15"x15"
Scratching Post :17"