Petco Sisal & Carpet Cat Scratch Post with Toy $18

Pet Product Review – Smartykat Scratch – Carpet Cure Hanging Scratcher with cat Toy
My cat Zoey seems to love the softness of one of my area rugs upstairs. I pretty much solved that scratching problem by placing a cat post right next to the rug. However, just directly outside of that particular room she has always clawed the carpet on the stairwell. I cannot put a cat post on the stairwell. First off, it isn’t safe having an obstacle there. Secondly, there is no room to put it. Any ideas for this problem?
These are all (except for the clawing) signs that she wants to play or spend time with you. Pouncing is a kitten thing... she has no idea what typing is or why you don't want to pet her. When my kitten jumps on my computer desk I have a battery operated spinning toy that I turn on called the Cat's Meow. It's in the pet store or in As Seen on TV sections. My kitten loves it, and has for months. As for the clawing, add more scratchers, cheap toys, a laser toy and a cat condo. Then spray your couch with NO SCRATCH spray daily AND add sticky paws tape (which cats can't stand) to the areas she scratches most. You can also buy a piece of carpet remnant and lay it over the place that she is destroying in the original rug. ^_^ Cat Scratch Carpet & Sisal Wave Sammy!!Acti Cat Carpet Scratching PostCat Life Play Tree Carpet Scratching Post In Blue From Penn Plax
If you are reading this, chances are you are one of millions of Americans whose carpet has been damaged by cats scratching at the doorway. And, although we love our cats, there are times when we need to keep our cats in or out of a room. Unfortunately, most cats do not respond well to closed doors and begin to scratch.Introducing the CarPET Scratch Stopper™: the first effective device ever created to instantly prevent cats from scratching the carpet at doorways.You can buy scratching posts at your pet store or you can build one yourself. Rough hewn 4x4's set vertically with a few horizontal resting platforms are ideal. Whether buying carpet to cover a home made post or purchasing the finished item, remember to take along a comb to check that there are no loops in the carpeting which will snag the cat's claws. You can also attach the carpeting underside-up, as the backing has a rough texture that cats enjoy.Some cats prefer vertical surfaces and some prefer horizontal surfaces. A good bet is to buy an inexpensive flat corrugated cardboard scratcher, available almost anywhere, and have it available (as well as a cat post).The CarPET Scratch Stopper is easy to use. Simply place it in your doorway with the device facing the carpet you want to protect and close the door. Your cat will be unable to grip onto the surface and slide off when scratching is attempted, immediately stopping the destructive behavior.It is wise to give your cat or kitten an extra scratching surface, such as a corrugated cardboard floor mat or two. It is also a good idea to place a scratching post on each floor of your house or in more than one spot if your house has several rooms.The surface of the scratching post should be covered with a rough, tough material–sisal, hemp or something similarly nubby. Carpet does not satisfy most cats, and can confuse them because they will not be allowed to scratch the carpet on the floor of your home.The point is to make her special scratching furniture attractive and your couch unattractive, both emotionally and physically. To physically make your furniture unattractive, many things can be done. A thick throw over the couch works, as it moves with your cat’s claws and does not allow your cat to dig in. Certain non-toxic air fresheners, like citrus, mint or lavender, also works for carpeted areas and the like. Double-sided tape, a foil covering or the bottom prickly side of a plastic carpet runner are all surfaces that can protect different items. Most are temporary measures that assist your training, but are removed later. Also a product called Sticky Paws is made for this purpose, and a complete listing is at the end of the article.