Feb 16, 2015 - Cat's love scratch boxes with catnip in them

DIY Cat Scratcher. Cardboard boxes' cut em, rollem, duct tape pretty. Done

For the furries:
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Wonderfull idea! My cat will enjoy a good scratch! lol She really loves board boxes, especially small ones that she can fit.
Once you've got your boxes, all you need to do is carefully cut them to be the same width, then wind the strips around each other. With a little masking tape to hold it all together—and a dash of catnip if you have it handy—your cat will be shredding the cardboard instead your favorite chair (hopefully). If you already have the scratching post side of things taken care of, you could always build a or go all out and . Cat Scratch Box Review - We tested out several cat scratch boxes over the years and found the best! Cute un-boxing video too!Many cats enjoy the inexpensive cardboard scratching boxes that lay flat on the floor.'Dictator' cat scratch posts and litter boxes | Dangerous Minds
The post author, like many cat owners, noticed after a few purchases that store-bought scratch pads are little more than stacked corrugated cardboard, flipped sideways for clawing. Since most of us probably have a few thick-sided cardboard boxes to spare, or can easily acquire a few, there's hardly any effort to making a cheaper subsitute.Well, its nearly impossible to train a cat not to scratch, but you can teach him what to scratch. I recommend having a few simple and inexpensive cardboard cat scratch boxes around your house. One of the best and most available is the Cosmic Cat Cardboard Scratch box. Cardboard has long been recommended as an economical scratcher that trains the cat away from rugs and furniture. Corrugated cardboard has the feel of nature for the cat. It has holes to allow the cat to sink his claws into the scratcher (instead of the furniture) to clean his claws. Since most people do not have corrugated cardboard lying around the house, it quickly becomes the scratching spot. What makes Cosmic Cat so different is that it comes with a bag of tastey cat nip that attracts the cat to the cardboard.Cats at the shelter I volunteer at have HUGE litter boxes (those big black kind for mixing cement in, bought at the hardware store). Some cats scratch at the wall, or the rim of the box, or on the floor. I guess it's just the cat's preference?You know Kitty likes to scratch stuff and boxes provide an excellent opportunity to put those claws to work. Kitty will scratch to sharpen his claws and mark his territory. He has glands between his paws that leave behind his scent when he scratches as well as leaving a visible mark to others in the area. Cardboard is a perfect medium for scratching because it can easily be dug into with his claws, kind of like the bark on a tree. A tall, heavy box allows him to completely stretch out and get a good grip, the same reason the couch is a favorite for scratching. Kitty needs to scratch so get him a good sturdy post to channel his urges to a less messy and destructive place. Covering it in catnip and rewarding him with a treat will teach him that his post is a safe place to scratch.Maybe you just moved and your home is full of cardboard boxes. You're feline pal thinks this cardboard fortresses are all for him. He'll hide behind them, nap inside them and scratch at the corners. This may leave you wondering why cats are so obsessed with what you see as garbage.After much research and testing, we chose industrial strengthcorrugated filler for our boxes because it was what our cats liked thebest and held up to serious scratching. In addition, ourboxes are reversible. Flip them over for a fresh cleanscratching surface. You'll have this box for years not justmonths like the other boxes on the market which use ordinarycardboard. Our cat boxes average FIVE years in a single cat household,then putin a refill and your cat will enjoy it for many, many more years!