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Make a DIY scratch board for your cat in minutes with just a few materials! #PetLifeHack

Welcome to the Cat Scratching Posts & Boards superstore! Here at Pet Mountain, our goal is to make maintaining a healthy environment for your feline friend as simple as possible. That's why we've searched far and wide to get our paws on the very finest cat furniture and activity centers available. We know pet owners appreciate having a wide assortment of options in order to find the perfect solutions for their pets, and we're pleased to be able to bring those options to you. Here you'll find the best cat furniture on the web, all priced at up to 70% less than what you'd pay anywhere else!

Scratching is an instinctive need for every cat. This is a lesson many new cat owners learn the hard way, when they discover their furniture torn up by many tiny claws. However, giving your cat or kitten a tough scratching post or board will provide an outlet and prevent it from scratching anything you actually care about. Our huge selection of scratching posts, boards and ramps feature tough, natural materials that feel great on cats' claws, including sisal, jute, and organic sea grass. Keep your home safe with a top quality cat scratching post from Pet Mountain!

Make a DIY scratch board for your cat in minutes with just a few materials! #PetLifeHack
Cats love digging their claws into this catnip treated cardboard scratcher. The patented Ripple Board scratching surface gives a soothing paw massage at the same time a cat scratches. Cats keep coming back to this hard to resist Ripple Board Scratch Box, leaving expensive furniture alone!Measures:
Regular: 15 3/4" x 5" x 1 3/4"
Wide: 15 3/4" x 10" x 1 3/4" Cat can scratch,playing in the scratch board, avoid furniture being scratched.1 x Leopard Print Corrugated Paper Cat Scratch Board1 x Cat Scratching Corrugated Board Scratcher
Veterinarians recommend 100% natural Sisal plant fiber for your cats daily scratching needs. Sisal effectively pulls off your cat's old claw covers which must be regularly shed. Sisal also conditions claws and tons claw muscles. Extra tough Sisal outlasts carpet scratchers up to 5 times, and your cat will love the extra "Scratchy" quality. Board measures approx. 16 x 4 inches.Check out this great t project for those who want to refurbish an old (well-loved) sisal scratching board (via ). Or, for you more adventurous handyfolk, take the information there and use it to create something original that your cat will love. I have big male cats and have often found that the scratching boards are just too short for them to get a really full stretch while scratching, so I might try getting a much longer plank of wood and covering it in the sisal rope. Cat scratcher board, it’s small and simple style, which is people like one. For cat owners, they like this one, because of good quality, cheap price, simple design and small size, it no need so big space to put on the wall or floor. For the distributors, they can sell it to expand their market because of the good quality and competitive price, more important save shipping cost.I make a similar scratcher for my cat, but without glue. I'm just about to do an Instructable for it, figured I'd search first and see what else was out there. Free cardboard is so, so handy! I've actually wondered if the companies making the $10 scratchers are *also* getting it free. I bet they are!It makes a nicer job if you save out one strip, cut in half and glued against the end of the newly assembled scratching board. That will help to keep it all together when your cat really gets going on it.To make the duct tape cat scratching board you need: One or two large pieces of cardboard that can be cut into approximately 50 12" x 2" pieces ...