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Super cat saves boys life video.
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Surveillance footage posted online shows a family cat rushing to the aid of the family's four-year old son as he is attacked by a savage dog.

Jeremy Triantafilo, was playing innocently outside the family home in Bakersfield, California, when a neighbors dog crept up on him and sank its teeth into his lower leg.

As the dog dragged the distressed boy down the driveway, Tara the family cat arrived to save Jeremy, barging into the dog and scaring him away as the boy's mother ran to help him.

Pictures at the end of the video show a nasty bite mark in the boy's leg and the wounds after they were stitched.

Reports added that the dog is now in quarantine and will be euthanized in a few days time.


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Superhero kitty cat fights off an evil dog attack to save a young boys life.
A tabby cat was saved from freezing temperature. She surprised the rescuers when she brought five ginger boys and one torbie girl into the world. This boy's cat saves him from a pit bull. - MIFHLThe whole world watches a cat named Tara save a four-year old boy's life, when the child was violently attacked by a dog.Product description page - Toddler Boys' Pull-On Shorts Cat & Jack™ - Blue Plaid. $4.00 sale Reg: $5.00 Save $1.00 (20% off). REDcard save an additional 5%.
i am SO glad the boy is ok. I am not ‘so glad’ that the dog will be put to sleep, but i understand that some dogs just cannot NOT attack other dogs/people. i am VERY Happy that the dog was NOT a pitbull! They have such a horrible reputation for no good reason, but this shows that ANY dog can attack ANYone….and above all, i am SO GLAD THAT CAT SAVED THE BOYS LIFE!!!!! GO CATS!!!! (from a huge dog person)