Keep your kitty safe with the Safe Cat® Breakaway Collar

The Birdsbesafe® collar is an effective conservation tool for use on domestic cats.
Set your cat’s curiosity boundaries at the edge of your yard and you’ll never have to worry about her whereabouts with the In-Ground Cat Fence system. Let them play, bask, and be the natural cats they are, knowing they’re always safe in the yard. Teach your cat her boundaries in only 2 weeks. Some cats even learn faster than dogs! This was designed just for cats, with a special stretch section for added safety. Add extra compatible collars for eachpet in your home. Your favorite feline will love her new outdoor freedom.
Are collars safe for cats?
Like many of these comments, I too have Whistle. I bought Tagg when first out. It was great and precise. They were constantly updating the technology to their website and support was great! At one time, after warrantee had expired, one of the collar transmitters wings were chewed off. Tagg replaced unit FREE OF CHARGE! The day Whistle acquired Tagg, all went to hell. The site did not track daily activity like Tagg did. Receiving notification your pet is outside the safe zone is a minimum 10 minutes until you get the notice and likewise when returned to safe zone. The “real time” tracking sucks, pet may be out of safe zone for 30 minutes and will show only one position on map. Tagg would actually track pets travel. False notices, like middle of night when dogs sleeping in my room not wearing transmitters…Go figure! As for customer service, Tagg was top notch…Whistle sucks! Have tried contacting them several times via Whistle site never getting a response. Currently have one of my two just stopped working. Looking for replacement for two better made GPS units that comes with good customer service> Any suggestions?
It can be difficult to place the first collar on some cats, especially kittens or adults that have never worn a collar. Even though the process can take some patience, don’t let the challenge stop you from putting a collar and ID tag on your feline friend. A collar and ID tag may be your cat’s ticket home if she accidentally escapes or wanders off. Even indoor-only cats should wear collars, because if your cat does get out, a well-meaning person may think your cat is a stray and take her to an animal shelter. With an ID collar, your cat has a better chance of safely and quickly getting back home.Be sure to buy a “break-away” safety collar that can easily come open if it gets caught on something. This will prevent the collar from accidentally strangling your cat.Keep in mind that collars do not expand when your pet grows, and kittens grow very quickly! If not checked frequently and loosened as needed, collars can literally grow into your pet’s neck and cause excruciating, constant pain. Be sure to check your kitten’s collar at least every week until it is full grown, and check your adult cat’s collar regularly to make sure it fits properly and is safely secured. You should be able to easily slip two or three fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck. Cat-safe collars can lose elasticity over time, and as elderly cats continue to age, they may lose weight. Be sure that the collar is not so loose that it could slip off over your cat’s head. While I do recommend you keep a safe collar and ID on your cat at all times, having a collar that allows your cat to slip free means that your pet may quickly shed his life-saving ID when he's on the lam. That’s why you need to have a as well as a collar and ID.Three different collars were used for the study—plastic buckle collars, breakaway plastic buckle safety collars, and elastic stretch safety collars. A total of 558 cats (and 338 owners) participated in the study. Each cat was randomly assigned one of the 3 collars. The collar, a microchip tag, and a microchip were all applied to the cat at the start of the study. Guardians were contacted after 1 week, then 1 month, and then monthly until the study's end (6 months after the intervention).According to the ASPCA, cats without a collar and current identification are reunited with their people. These two items are essential for your cat's health and safety and for your peace of mind.