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Location is vital, as with real estate! Put one post right beside the spot where the cat currently is clawing and put the other one near where he sleeps. Often the cat will stretch and claw just after awaking. Posts in different areas of the house will encourage him to mark territory in acceptable places. The posts can be different types, like a corrugated paper one by the sofa and a cat perch where he sleeps. 3. Train your cat to claw where he is supposed to. Put your cat on the new scratching post. If he gets the idea and claws, pet him and encourage him or give him a treat. You can make the post more attractive by hanging a toy on it or rubbing it with catnip. Change the toy and refresh the catnip often. Play with your cat on the post.
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Your "bogus theory" isn't so bogus. Putting yourself into your cat's position is a sign you are a compassionate and evolved human caretaker. I would add that there are other common "training" methods that need to be avoided, such as: squirting water on a naughty cat, making loud noises to scare him away from scratching in the wrong place, and any other measures meant to intimidate him. These are just going to create a timid and scared animal. Also, though many folks think that merely rubbing a post with catnip will attract him to it and then to scratch it, I don't really like that solution either. Instead, I'd recommend playing with your cat around the post with a simple piece of string ( or even with a laser toy ). After all, one of the best things about our cats is the wacky and humorous way they chase and hunt ( I ALWAYS get a good laugh when my cats have cornered a mouse, and all the drama that entails! ). Also, let me congratulate you on your approach to the size and stability of your scratcher. These are critical to ending up with a really great scratch post. I always recommend wrapping a post with at least . With six different levels, the Penn Plax Dual Cat Hide-Away and Lounge Tower with Rubbing Posts is a great activity area for households with multiple cats.Dual Hide Away Cat Lounge Tower with Bamboo Rubbing Posts provides your cats a variety of options for play and restView Stock Photo of Ginger Tabby Cat Rubbing Against Wooden Post. Find premium, high-resolution photos at Getty Images.
Scratching posts and kitty furniture can be purchased at pet supply stores or can be easily constructed from twine, rope or carpet remnants. Be creative — cats like to climb, lounge and perch up high. Choose something your cat will enjoy and place it out in the open. Cats prefer to scratch in high-traffic areas, rather than in secluded, hard-to-find places. You cat has already told you where she wants to scratch. So, try placing the post right in front of where your kitty is scratching. You may want to make the new object more inviting by rubbing some catnip on it. Once the cat begins scratching on the post, try moving it one foot per day toward a more desirable location. Be sure to choose a location your cat will like.… and BOOM. Instant cat magnet. Kittles took to his new scratching post quickly. He’s been rubbing against, stretching on, and scratching the heck out of it. I and my achy hands are relieved he loves it.Olive wood Cat rubbing post with toys by EverythingOlive on Etsy. Olive wood is like catnip to cats. They go crazy by rubbing and licking the wood. Your cat will love this rubbing post with toys.For cat scratching solutions, you can encourage your kitty to use her post by feeding, giving treats, and playing with her by the post. Rubbing catnip leaves into the post may entice her. Use a string or toy and have her to chase it around the post. Make this a pleasurable experience. Offer her rewards when she uses it.

The Cat-Life Dual Hide Away Lounge Tower with Bamboo Rubbing Posts cat furniture is the perfect combination of style, quality, and fun for your cat and home. The attractive multilevel design provides a variety of options for play and rest. The Dual Hide-Away & Lounge Tower with Bamboo Rubbing Posts comes in Mocha Brown.Cats have scent glands in their claws, which is why scratching is used to mark territory. Often times cats will be attracted to scratch something that smells like their pheromones. Catnip mimics the pheromone cats release, so it attracts your cat to the scratching post. Rubbing some into the part your cat scratches can help get your cat started. There are also some artificial pheromone sprays that work very well, such as Feliway. With the spays follow the same procedure as the cat nip.