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Discover a range of cat repellant techniques that are safe, humane, effective and affordable.
It’s summertime, and the living is, well, hot and bug-infested. The summer months bring about a plethora of positives: time at the beach and time off work and time with your family and pets. However, it can be time consuming to have to slather on and bug repellant before stepping outdoors. But it’s entirely necessary — not only for your family’s safety and protection, but also for your cat’s health and well-being.
May 24, 2017 - Cats are unpredictable, so there are few sure-fire cat repellents
You can also buy cat repellant at hardware and likely, pet stores. It works as well, but has to be replaced after every rain. Do not use things like mothballs. They are poisonous to everything, and smell worse than the cat smell. If the cats are spraying their scent on the house (which they may be doing, as that is much stinkier than just pooping in your flower beds) try splashing some lemon scented cleaner on the spots. I did that one winter, when it was far too cold (-20) to be washing the spots, and it seemed to deter the cats and nullify the odor. You might try orange or grapefruit peels as well, as I think it is the citrus smell that deters them. After-the-Fact Methods to Keep Cats Out of Your YardSometimes, to keep cats away from a yard, you have to think like a cat.Cat Repellents & Deterrents for Indoor & Outdoor | PetSmart
These days we all want to use natural products - and now there is an organic and effectivecat repellant available that can keep those pesky felines out of your yard. I agree with the poster who said to skip mothballs. They are terribly poisonous to everything, including people, and the stench from them is as bad as or worse than the cat urine. I have purchased a cat repellant from Walmart that worked quite well. It also had a smell, but not obnoxious, and it had to be replaced every time it rained, but it worked. It kept my own cats from pooping on the front lawn. You might also try citrus peels, as those are not too unsightly and won't be a horrible smell. I kept stray cats from spraying the front of my house by splashing lemon scented Mr. Clean over the urine spots. This would work on fence posts, or tree trunks.When cats dig they damage your small tender plants andseedlings. And without an effective cat repellant their tendency to leave a little "calling card" inthe borders will be an unpleasant surprise when you settle down to do a bit of hand weeding. . Cats do not like citrus smells, so one can try leaving orange and/or lemon peels in gardenbeds. That won't keep the cats out of the entire yard, of course. Human Urine- It is said by some people that adult human male urine will repel cats. It would need to be fresh to have the best effect. But it would most likely only work to repel feral cats afraid of humans. It's free to try, but not really a good method for many reasons.One can set up a sprinkler with a timer to start up at the most common times of day the cats come around, which is usually dawn and dusk. Cats do not like to get wet. Cats do learn schedules, though, so the timing should be varied once in a while or the cats will just learn to wait until the sprinkler is not going to wet them. Better would be to buy one of the motion activated water repellents as described below. Do note that some people were thinking the motion sensor water repellants would work well on very small animals, such as squirrels and small birds, but didn't, so gave the products bad reviews. When used for cats, dogs, and other animals those sizes or larger, such as deer, the motion sensor water repellents do work well. I would also suggest the citrus peels. Oranges or grapefruits I think work just as well; do not use toxic things like mothballs, as that is even more horrible than outdoor cats. Are these cats bothering you or your cats or both? Are they spraying their scent around? If your cats are indoors all the time, you have a few more choices. I used a lemon scented Mr. Clean splashed over the places the stray cats were spraying, and that covered the smell and seemed to deter them. If your cats don't go outside, or you keep them in your yard, you might also try a cat repellant that you can buy in places like Walmart. There are different kinds. Might work. Looking for a powerful dog and cat repellent? Keep unwanted cats and dogs out of your yard with a Havahart® dog and cat repellent. Havahart® offers a variety of effective dog repellent and cat repellant solutions that will help you prevent damage from cats and dogs.