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Obesity is the number one nutritional disorder among cats. Studies suggest that approximately 25 percent of the cats presented to veterinary clinics are overweight. This extra weight puts pets at risk for certain health problems involving the cardiovascular, respiratory and skeletal systems. Knowing how to recognize the signs of obesity and take corrective action is important. But more important, is understanding how to keep pets in good body condition to start, thus avoiding the development of obesity in the first place. Outdoor exercise in a safe and secure environment can certainly help, so using Purr...fect Fence or some sort of cat playpen enclosure is a great idea.
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Pet Playpen Dog Cat Puppy Play Pen Cage Fence Crate Large 8 side 2ft high - This is a larger pen and you can change the shape and remove panels to make it smaller. So versatile for popping a rabbit in the garden or keeping it contained in the house OUTDOOR CATS KITTEN PET HABITAT FOR INDOOR CAT CAMPING SAFETY PLAYPEN NETCat Playpen,Pet Kennels,Dog Cages,Dog Fence,Image Dog,Dog Carrier,Pet Dogs,Tent,Love ItOxGord 45" Pet Dog Cat Playpen Tent Portable Exercise Fence Kennel Cage Crate
An outdoor cat playpen is a great solution if you need to keep the pet locked but you also want to provide some fun to it. Browse the outdoor designs to choose one which matches the pet's size and it needs. Attractive mesh form is an excellent way to outdoor cat playpen. The whole design in neutral design will be everywhere, giving domestic cats the opportunity to spend time outdoors. Exotic, colorful accents enliven the whole.Create the play zone for your cats with a lot of attractions, and choose this cat enclosure with wheels and solid wooden construction. It's a fantastic addition to the garden or porch.If you looking for a solid, nicely finished, high quality and comfortable cat playpen, you have to choose this one. This cage is made of solid wooden frame, which brings the solidity to any outdoor. It provides a lot of attractions for your cats.Outdoor Cat Playpen
It is a playpen for fun for the cat, which can be exposed to fresh air. Thanks to it, the cat can stay some time in the garden, but protected enough, that's not going anywhere. This is big importance, especially if we want our cat to be clean and associated only with the house.With this playpen for outdoors, your cat will have tons of wild fun. Numerous wood platforms are placed on different levels, have different sizes, and are surrounded by a wire lattice frame. Perfect for larger backyards.A practical portable 2-door play tunnel for cats. Its foldable frame is of 6 semi-oval supports of metal wires with a rust-resistant green finish. They have short stakes to ram into the ground. A green weatherproof polyester net has white ties.Made of green mesh outdoor cat playpen is a great solution for domestic cats, who can spend their time outdoors in the open air. A simple form is convenient and very practical because you can take it everywhere.