Custom DIY cat perch via Year of Serendipity

Thrift store furniture gets a new life when screwed to together to create this epic cat perch.
I have had excellent success with New Cat Condos brand for my own cats. VERY sturdy, which is rare, high quality, large enough perches for our cats to be comfortable. This one is going to my parents as a gift for their 2 new cats. These are mellow adults who many not want to jump and climb on a tall cat tree, and the home has fairly low windows so this looked like it would be a perfect choice.
cat outdoor window perch | PetSafe Cat Veranda Terrace Porch Perch Cat Door Window | eBay
Tom covered each perch with carpet, which the cats use to sharpen their claws, and if he really wants to treat his favorite trio, he sprinkles catnip on the perches!

Do you have a clever idea to share that enriches your pet's life? Please email your idea to: and your idea may be chosen to be featured in our newsletter! Cat Furniture, Cat Trees, Cat Houses, Cat Condos, Cat Perches and Scratching Posts.Flat 6 bottle wine box cat perchDo I have any kitty lovers out there? Ia this DIY Cat Window Perch as awesome as I think it is??
My cats live indoors, but they love to watch the world (birdies, squirrels, critters); so I made a window perch to satisfy their unending curiosity! It Does your cat like such perch trees? The solutions that you can see below, have already inspired many people and their pets. As far as these constructions, designs, shapes and sizes are concerned, they are not the same. Nevertheless, they have proved to be a nice thing and now you can also buy any of them. Cats are natural climbers. In fact, your cat’s wildcat ancestors spent significant portions of their days lounged on the sturdy branches of trees. Perching gives cats two major advantages: it gives them a camouflaged place from which to stalk their …These elegant modern cat perches are from in Poland. Beautifully handcrafted with lots of finish options, these are very attractive and functional.My cats live indoors, but they love to watch the world (birdies, squirrels, critters); so I made a window perch to satisfy their unending curiosity! ItThe line includes a wave-shaped perch, and you can even choose the direction of the wave, right or left. The wave perch comes with either carpet on top or a thick cushion that has a removable and washable plush cover. They also offer a unique corner leaf shelf, which melts down at the corner, making it a bit easier for cats to jump on and off. The corner leaf comes with carpet on top.32" Premier Triple Cat Perch
If you are looking for an interesting proposal to play for your cat, this is made on the basis of wood cat perch is a great solution. Soft carpet finish provides comfort fun. Interesting steps provide fun for long.The Heated Cat Window Perch is a unique indoor resting area your cat will love. No tools are required to assemble when you use the Velcro attachments, or it can be screwed onto a surface for a more permanent placement. The Heated Cat Window Perch plugs into an electrical outlet to keep your cat warm, and also adds support and softness with the use of orthopedic foam.