Litter pellets for Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box

Dec 31, 2014 - DIY cat litter box designed to use with wood burning pellets.
mnbam23: if you catch her going outside the box, pick her up (even if she’s still going) and put her in the litterbox. You could also try using the repellent for floors everywhere except in the box. It may take her a bit to “get used to the idea,” but she’ll eventually get it. Have patience and good luck!
Decided to go with a Tidy Cats Breeze Litter box, it used wood pellets rather than kitty litter. So far it's worked pretty well.
One of my cats pees and poos with all four paws balanced on the edge of the box. The pine pellets are really light weight, and I went in there once to see that the whole thing had tipped over, probably while he was trying to balance. Imagine poor kitty just trying to do his business, and suddenly he’s covered in dirty litter box. This litter box can be used with Feline Pine pellets or any other pine pellet cat litter, or wood stove pellets work great, too.Yesterdays News pellets are also dark in color, and it can be difficult to find the bits of cat feces if the litterbox is in a poorly-lit room.Make Feline Pine cat litter last even longer with a litter box specifically designed for it. Cut down on sawdust, tracking, and save pellets.
The system consists of a specially-designed high-sided litter box, Breeze , litter scoop, and absorbent . The pellets are fairly large, so they are non-tracking. Since the pellets are non-absorbent, the urine passes through the pellets into a tray at the bottom of the litter box. You place a Breeze pad into the litter box tray to absorb the urine. Your cat’s solid waste sits on top of the Breeze pellets for easy scooping. You will need to pull out the tray in the bottom of the litter box and change the disposable Breeze pad weekly for one cat, about every three days for two cats. It is recommended that you completely change the Breeze pellets about every month. Once you have the complete system, you can purchase refill pellets in packages of three 3.7 pounds bags, and refill pads in packs containing 16 refill pads.I got one about a week ago, and it’s changed my life. No odor whatsoever – I don’t know what’s in those pads, but they soak up a shocking amount of urine, and keep it locked in tight. Very little tracking – a few pellets do get scattered, but they don’t disintegrate into sawdust like conventional pellet litter. Keep a dustpan or a small vacuum near the litterbox, and you’ll be fine.The litter box system comes with a step-by-step guide to help you transition your cat to the new system. Basically, you will want to make a gradual transition by adding some pellets to your cat’s current litter, then introducing the new litter box system alongside your cat’s current litter box, and finally to stop cleaning the old litter box until your cat makes the transition to the new one. If your pet has difficulty with or does not like the high sides, this part of the litter box may be removed.Thanks to a client who has a house full of cats and who volunteers with , I’ve learned this technique for quickly separating the wood dust of used litter from the pellets that can be left in the box. This technique also works really well with “Lift n Sift” style litter boxes.This is the best homemade cat litter box ever! Here is why: - No pee smell. Actually, pine smell. - Little tracking. The large pellets do not stick ...The Litter One kit is similar, in that it is a 2-part box with holes that allow the sawdust do fall into the bottom compartment. The Feline Pine litter box is made of plastic, which can be washed and refilled, but sometimes it is not possible to thoroughly clean the box, say if you are traveling with your cat, or if you live in a place that doesn’t have a large sink or an outdoor hose, or if you are physically unable to do that kind of cleaning (elderly cat owners may have this challenge.) Enter Litter One! The kit comes with everything you need to set-up a fresh litter box, including the pine pellets, small waste bags for scooping solids, and a litter scoop. And everything is 100% recyclable and biodegradable!