I sleep, I poop, I pee- cat in my face.

My granddaughter's cat peed on a brown marble countertop around a round-based lamp.
@anonymous: I would put a litterbox in your home that is easily accessible to her. If the problem persists, take her to the vet for a check-up. She could have a medical condition that is causing her to pee inside. If she is being bullied by the other cats, try to give her a separate area where she can feel safe.
Due to the uric acid component of cat urine, cat pee has a half-life of six years.
I have a two year old neutered male and in the last year has decided to wee inside. He tends to do it under a window or next to a door then meow to be let out. We moved last year but we have a cat door now which he will come in through but will not go out??? I have recently re-introduced a litter box which he used immediately but have noticed he has had some recent accidents again. im starting to think he is a tad disturbed upstairs. I brought cat spray to repel him from certain areas but the smell of the spray is quite overpowering - he is a short ride away from going to kitty heaven soon but we do love him - I just cant bear the thought of cat pee everywhere..... :/ Punishing your cat for peeing on your belongings is likely to make the situation worse. Why?I saw this cat acting strangly so i decided to film it, then it peed right before my eye.I wouldn't use ammonia being a cats urine is ammonia based. So they will just pee again on it...
Solution to getting cat pee out of carpet and fabrics while also getting rid of the scent from the cat so they're less likely to pee there againTip #8: I tried everything and I found what works best for me is filling a spray bottle with vinegar (white) and adding some vanilla....spray it on anything and everything with the smell, works like a charm. Even use it outside my apt where the neighborhood cats pee in the yard, makes that go away too. Leaves a nice vanilla scent to linger....after vinegar dries.Ewwww… You can smell it from practically miles away when the accidents happen… ! Whether kitty just sometimes misses the litter box, has a UTI that has her temporarily avoiding the litter, or a … sometimes cats develop a displeasure for the litter box and pee everywhere else, leaving a big mess.Tip #12:Use 100% vinegar. Pour on the spot let stand. Let dry. Pour on let dry. And then shampoo. The problem is not the carpet. Its the wood under the carpet that smells. Let the vinegar stand on the carpet so that its soaked into the wood floor. After you shampoo the carpet the smell should be completely gone. Once the smell is gone the cat will not pee in that spot any more. Make sure pets are spayed or neutured. Cats will "spray" when they are in "heat" to attract other cats.Did you know that cat pee can be incredibly difficult to get rid of completely? Even if you can’t smell it anymore, your cat might be able to and she might be drawn by that scent to pee in the same place again. Here are the best ways to clean cat pee when it lands outside the litter box:Homemade cat cleaners won’t always work 100 percent on cat pee. If you’re not getting the best results or if kitty seems to be coming back to the same spot, it’s time to try something different. The number one tip for cleaning cat pee is to use a , also called an . The label or ingredients will point out if the cleaner has enzymes in it. Enzymes break down the uric acid in pee and neutralize it. Uric acid is the hardest part of cat urine to clean! Regular cleaners may just temporarily cover up the smell or get rid of other parts of the urine without really affecting the uric acid.