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By My cats did a little of this when I got married and my new husband moved in. One would pee in his chair at the dinner table or try to pee on the new sofa. It was exasperating, but I trained my husband. The cats were fine physically, but didn't like all the changes to our routine. Husband had to learn not to swat at the cats, talk loudly or be too rough with them, how to pick them up, and how to pet them gently and not do other things the cats considered "mean" or "scarey". They were used to sitting on the furniture, counters, wherever they pleased and husband didn't want them there. (I never ate there, so why not use the table as a cat perch! :-)
I was told that cat pee smell will always be there even if humans can't smell it. Does that mean we need a new sofa?
Our female Bengal cat was very stressed by our addition of a Frenchie puppy and began peeing on our favorite brown sofa and a new $2000 dark grey sleeper/sofa. I had tried some pet cleaners that worked for about 2 days. We had cold weather recently and the house was closed up. I was appalled by the smell when I came in from work!! I Googled de-stink and found this. Had everything on hand and applied as directed. The paste isn't completely dry yet, but I vacumed a small area and found nothing faded! Yay!! The smell is gone so far. To discourage a repeat, I purchased 2 shower curtain liners and will put them over the cushions, under the sofa pet protectors. Worst case scenario, I only have to wash the sofa covers. I do that anyway, so... Just wanted to say thanks. I couldn't face this winter with this smell in the house. GENIUS!!

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I have had my 2 cats since they were about 9 weeks old and I've never had a problem with them untill now. One of them has started peeing on the sofa and chairs in the living room. I have tried multiple things such as cleaning the litter boxes more often, getting more litter boxes, and cleaning the spot multiple times and they only work for a week or two before he starts again. They are brothers and the other cat is perfectly fine and has no problems. I don't know what to do and my mother is threatening to give him away if he will not stop soon. Any advice would be very helpful. I just faced having my sofa peed on. One of my cats had UTI. I took Palomive dishwashing Liquid in water and washed the fabric on the sofa. I rinsed it when thru with club soda. (Dr Elsey~ from his website)We've had this cat for a while and no problem. Recently though she started to come downstairs and I noticed pee smell on my sofa. She has stayed upstairs since we've had her. I did put a litter box on both floors, but obviously she didn't use it. What do I do from here?Lucy keeps peeing on the couch! I'm going crazy. Yes she uses her litter box daily and I am constantly cleaning it out every day. Both my cats have their own litter box. About one ever week or two, Lucy pees on the couch. I should take stock out in Nature's Miracle! This all started two years ago. First We got rid of our futon, then last year we moved in with my fiance, Lucy peed on our microfiber couch. We delt with it, professional cleaners, plastic, etc. We moved again last October and Over Christmas, My husband bought me a beautiful new leather sofa. Guess what... a week later, Lucy peed on it! I can't win! Three houses, three sofas, each in a different location. Leather is easier to clean, but this is ridiculas! I tried the no stay boundary spray, positive and negative reinforcement. She didn't have a UTI, I took her to the VET several times over the last year Nothing seems to work. Please help. I really don't want to get rid of her, but she is ruining our furniture