Cat peeing on leather couch! - Weddingbee

I don't know about cat pee. I had beer spilled on the leather part of mine. The cleaners go it out.
I have the same problem. Got a nice couch given to me by a friend but their cat must have peed on it at some point. The problem is that this couch is of a leather type material and the cushions aren't removable. I tried the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap trick and it didn't seem to work between the cushions. It's starting to stink up my little apartment. Am I going to have to just toss the couch?
Dont let your cat pee on the couch.. clean it with leather cleaner, is there a way you can take off all the cushions and clean underneath?
I am so going to give this a try. Nothing in the world like a disturbed cat peeing on your brand new sofa, newly upholstered chair and leather chair. Professional cleaning helped but the fragrance really comes out when the weather gets humid. I have gone through the web and still can't find anything to clean cat pee on leather pants. Please helpAnne from Denver, CODec 14, 2013 - I babysat my mother's cat and she peed on my leather jacketCat Pee on a Leather Coat. How to get rid of it? - AnandTech Forums
When she was six months old, we adopted sweet Becky, from a cat rescue sanctuary, she came here scared for awhile of the everything but my arms when I was holding her. Then starting a year later she seemed to be marking her territory. Since I have birds on bird feeders and butterflies in my Monarch WayStation I tie her on leases out side to protect them from her hunting instincts. When I walk her she likes to mark her territory under shrubs. She is peeing on 2 spots between seats on a leather couch, on window sills and on rugs. How can I stop her?Leo The Cat Likes My Cellphone Charms :).My former roommates cat, charming guy, although he peed on my Magic the Gathering cards. And one of my leather jackets. And a couple scarves. Evil cat...Leather boots are sturdy and long-lasting, but the naturally porousness porous state of leather means they must be cared for properly to stay in tip-top shape. When animal urine ends up on leather boots it's quickly absorbed, unless you remove it promptly. Left unattended, the urine leaves discoloration and odor in the leather. It's important to get animal peeneutralize the scent of animal urine out of theon the leather boots to avoid leading the scent attracting other animals to believeuse your boots your boots areas ana approved bathroom location.Cat spray or pee that lands on a leather couch will leave an unpleasant odor and potentially a stain. The solution is to respond as soon as you notice it and clean it up quickly.Strong urine odor in Pillow made from Leather and stuff with goose feather, cleaned by PetPeePee system to remove Cat urine odor. See the revolutionary ....Unfortunately I have never had sucess with cat pee+ leather. I had to throw away a pair of leather-lined riding breeches (and they cost a pretty penny, I'll tell you what) after they got peed on. I tried Nature's Miracle (multiple applications) regular detergent, special detergent formulated for leather, Nature's Miracle+detergent+machine washing (I was getting kind of desperate there) but they still smelled -- and almost as strong as when I started.