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We do not board overnight cats from different families together for safety reasons
The Canine Country Club is located 16 miles from Savage, we are worth the drive!
We provide Dog Boarding and Cat Overnight Care for customers in the following zip codes in Savage, MN:
Club we are great for dog overnight care & cat overnight boarding let us wear them out for you.
Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital offers high-quality boarding for dogs and cats. Whether you have to be out of town overnight or for an extended period of time, your pet will be happy and well cared for here. All pets are required to be current on vaccinations, if your pet needs vaccinations prior to admittance we will be happy to schedule an office visit with one of our veterinarians. Dogs are required to be current with Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and Canine Influenza. Cats are required to be current with Rabies, Distemper and a recent Leukemia/FIV test. We provide services like dog daycare & cat overnight boardingLooking for somewhere for your pets for dog boarding or cat overnight careFull service cat and dog overnight boarding serving Park City and Summit County Utah.
Boarding rates effective September 1, 2014. These rates are for overnight boarding. We do not typically walk cats.
The overnight boarding rate is $15/night for the 1st cat in a condo. Each additional cat in the same condo is an additional charge of $10. Note that if you have one or more cats being boarded, in the cat house, in connection with one or more dogs being boarded, in the dog kennel, the rate for each cat is $10 (that is, not $15 for the first cat). At Suite Paws, we make every pet feel like a VIP guest. Because Suite Paws loves what we do, we’ve created a clean, fun and safe environment for your pets at our . Our range of pet services includes overnight pet boarding for cats and dogs, doggie daycare, grooming and more, with customizable options to meet every animal’s needs — take a to see for yourself or for your pet today!Luxe Pet Resort offers the highest quality overnight accommodations for your cat. Our Cat Villas come standard with multiple living levels featuring a private feeding area and secluded litter level. Our feline guests will enjoy comforting music with multiple villa options that provide a serene living experience. The environment is climate-controlled with a specialized air filtration system to reduce contaminants and airborne illnesses. Let your kitty show off their climbing skills by treating them to a jungle session in our cat playtime area. As always, our staff is on site 24/7 to supervise and care for your favorite companion.

Introducing our newly designed Beachfront Villas! With more than three times the space of a typical cat villa, this option will provide your cat with the ultimate boarding experience. It is also the perfect option for multiple cat families. Our facility of dog and cat kennels for daytime and overnight pet boarding, located in the North Shore Milwaukee area in Glendale, Wisconsin is heated and air conditioned for your pet’s comfort. The outdoor kennel runs are completely fenced in, so the dogs can be off leash. Each kennel has a thick rubber mat and a blanket. Each pet is charted for their daily eating, drinking, eliminating and behavior. Play time and exercise is included in your daily charge. In fact, other than a small charge for administering and charting medications everything is included in the daily charge. Rest assured, unlike some other pet boarding establishments, you will not be hit with any surprises on you bill.We understand that when you go out of town, you want to make sure your pet’s overnight boarding accommodations will take care of all of their needs. At Suite Paws, your cat or dog will enjoy running about our fun and safe environment while meeting new furry friends! The Canine Country Club is located 18 miles from Farmington, we are worth the drive!
We provide Dog Boarding and Cat Overnight Care for customers in the following zip codes in Farmington, MN: