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The Huffington Post makes a compilation video of cats stealing dog beds from their siblings
Hygenic Kuranda Cat Beds provide the same cleanly comfort as our dog beds. Utilizing Furniture Grade PVC frame with solid vinyl fabric it’s easy to wash away stains & odors. Each of these products allows cats the opportunity to jump up to another level increasing their amount of floor space. The PVC frame and solid vinyl fabric is non porous and can be easily wiped clean.
Cats Stealing Dog Beds | Funny Cat Love To Sleep on Dog Bed Compilation. Funny cats enjoy the dog bed.
Thousands of animal shelters and rescue groups are receiving free Kuranda beds for their dogs and cats through the Kuranda Donation Program. Simply select the product you would like to donate and pay a discounted price for it. Kuranda does the rest! We ship the product for free, directly to the shelter. You can even Donate a bed as a gift or in memory of a loved one and we will mail a FREE Personalized Gift Acknowledgement Card from you! Over the years I have noted how cats and dogs have enjoyed sleeping on the sleeping bags. Now I am making cat and dog beds.Cats Stealing Dogs Beds Compilation - YouTubeDog finds cat in his bed, takes appropriate action - Duration: 1:33
Modern cat and dog beds provide wonderful places for pets to relax and add unique details to your pet-friendly room design. Lushome collection of amazing pet design ideas gives great inspirations for DIY projects creating modern cat and dog beds or selecting and buying a nice, attractive and comfortable pet bed for your cat or dog.We have tirelessly reported on the of the Cat Overlords to steal dogs' beds and how virtually unstoppable they are. But we never could have expected cats to take it here. Never. Not in my wildest, scariest dreams could I have foreseen this. This is like watching that scene in the Matrix where Keanu Reeves wakes up and realizes the machines are using humans as some gross living battery device. Look at that poor, helpless dog. He doesn't even know he is a victim of this dastardly plan. Team Dog, please be aware: They came for your beds and when you , they stooped to these truly horrifying new tactics.Cats Steal Dogs Beds

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**As seen on Good Morning America and Huffington Posts "Jerk cats stealing dog beds"

Every morning I look over and see sad dogs on the floor and Spot looking like a KING on the dog bed. Look at him? He thinks he runs this house. Mean Kitteh!! Steals their bed then tries to distract from the crime by looking adorable.

Spot was born in a born in Waimanalo, Hawaii. We felt sorry for him and decided to take him in when he was a baby. He has been with us every since. We are dog people and pretty much raised him like a dog with his doggy brothers and sisters so the result is a silly cat that doesn't really know what he is.

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Stolen Dog Bed Pat 2 Funny cat video - Cats Stealing Dog Beds Compilation 2016.
Funny cats annoying dogs. HD.

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How well do your cat and your dog get along? Check out this video and watch the classic domesticated pet rivalry at it's best as these dogs fight for ownership over their very own beds! These cats won't give up without a fight as they stubbornly sprawl out as these dogs yelp, bark and do their darndest to win their bed back. Their hilarious reactions will not only have you laughing for hours, but will make you watch your own bed more closely!